What’s the Best Wireless Smartphone Charger in Canada – Get Yours from PrimeCables

The ‘best wireless smartphone charger in Canada’ is a title that’s hard to lay claim to but in performance and design, we think an argument can certainly be made for the models from PrimeCables.

Wireless charging has only really hit the mainstream in the last two years. Since iPhones made it possible to charge smartphones wirelessly, more and more of these charging pads have hit the market ever since. Although wireless charging is still probably a decade away from replacing wired USB-style charging, many consumers still prefer to go wireless.

How does wireless charging work? Chargers like these use what’s called ‘inductive charging’ to transfer energy between the charging pad and a device. A loop of coiled wires are inside the charging pad with a magnet at the center. Electric current passes through the wires, creating an electromagnetic field surrounding the magnet. A nearby receiver coil found in smartphones or similar devices can then attract and transfer this energy to the device.

Since the PMA standard has fallen to the wayside in 2018, the Qi standard has become the standard in wireless charging. In order for a device to charge wirelessly, it needs to have Qi technology integrated into its design.

One of the best reviewed wireless chargers in Canada is the 10-watt wireless charger for fast-charging iPhones and Galaxy phones. The fast-charging capability means your device can charge twice as fast. Included in the design are LED indicators, a non-slip pad of course, and MultiProtect technology which oversees temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more.

Another model that some have said is one of the better smartphone wireless chargers out there comes to us from Monoprice. For smartphones and tablets, all a user needs to do is connect the charging pad to a power source and place the device on it. The Monoprice wireless charger complies with the WPC Qi standard, and is able to charge the Samsung Galaxy S8 and above alongside the current crop of iPhone models.

These are just two of the models in Canada that are considered high quality and affordably priced. It is worth remembering although these are technically smartphone chargers, they are compatible with any wearable or gadget that is Qi-enabled. Wireless chargers like these can be easily set up and tucked away when not in use, and are well worth buying if you have multiple devices in need of a charge.

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