How to Choose the Best Tabletop Material For A Sit-Stand Desk Frame

An electric sit stand desk riser frame does not come with a specific tabletop material in mind. Office workers or homeowners have the opportunity to customize a sit-stand desk with their selected preference.

If you aren’t sure what type of tabletop is best for a sit-stand desk, here are some options.


Let’s start with one of the more luxurious tabletop options available. That is, glass. Glass is a modern, versatile material that stands out. It is able to handle moisture and heat, and is easy to clean.

The downside is that glass can chip and scratch, and has glare in direct sunlight. An experienced desk worker who is at their computer eight hours per shift may not prefer glass. Nothing’s wrong with glass per se though if it is your preference.

Natural Woods

If you want something fancy for a sit-stand desk riser, try a brand of natural wood. Reliable and with a variety of colours, you have lots to choose from.

You can even use reclaimed wood if you know how to cut it and put it together. That said, wood can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Cheaper woods are also problematic because they can fall apart.

Quartz Composite

A quartz composite is a great tabletop material for a kitchen countertop. That said, a quartz composite material can be used for a desk tabletop.

It is sleek, modern, and non-porous. Unlike other desk options on this list, quartz composite is also very easy to clean and durable.

Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard, aka MDF, is a highly popular desk tabletop material. Assembled utilizing finely-ground wood scraps, it is bound together typically with a resin. It is then put under high pressure.

A high-quality MDF can be very light in weight but also quite durable. Unfortunately, low-quality MDF can also break apart quite easily. If you go this route, always go quality.

Metals, A La Stainless Steel

Metals are not a first-choice for most when searching for a sit-stand desk frame tabletop. With creativity though, you can do some very interesting things with metals. Stainless steel is indestructible, common in commercial kitchens. It is a great choice for a tabletop.

Create your own composite material if you wish, using mixes of woods, stainless steel, and/or additional materials.

Choosing a tabletop can be as easy as grabbing a piece of wood or using a tabletop you already have. It can also be something very unique and requiring a lot of attention to building it. Regardless of what your mindset is, shop your sit-stand desk riser frame today at

The Best Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks to Ease Body Aches

The era of home offices continues and for some of us, it’s starting to wear on our bodies.

‘Lockdown desks’ as they’ve come to be known as are things like kitchen tables, dining room tables, and bedroom tables. They weren’t made to be sat at for eight hours a day five days a week.

What you need is a long-term solution and that comes in the form of a real home office desk. Affordable options exist. On top of that, the right design can take away those common home office aches.

What we’re suggesting is a sit-stand desk. That is, a height-adjustable desk converter to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. By shifting the position of your body while working a shift, you take away the stresses that are being put on your frame day-in and day-out.

Here are some of the best height-adjustable desks on the market today. Sit, stand, and keep yourself sharp and engaged.

Sit-Standing Height Adjustable Riser

This 35” wide height-adjustable desk ergo riser is raised and lowered to 12 available options in height. The support grooves in the design make it easy to position a smartphone or tablet in a pocket.

PrimeCables® Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR
Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables®

Sit-Standing Desk Ergo Riser

This 31.5” wide sit-standing desk has a gas spring-assisted lift and is one of the cheapest high-quality models available. With 22 height settings, you’ve got plenty to work with and can customize your home office experience to your height and shape.

Sit Standing Desk Height Adjustable Ergo Riser ADR PrimeCables®

Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

A highly popular model, this sit-stand desk converter is 37.4” in width and operates electrically. Perfect for wide desk needs, move it from a 6.1” to 18.9” height range. Place more devices anywhere on this high-stability level surface.

Dual Leg Electric Sit And Stand Frame

If you want to further customize your desk by crafting the design yourself, a dual-leg electric sit-stand frame is the first step. Meant for an L-shaped corner desk, once you have the frame, a tabletop’s next. Once you have that, you’re good for a home office or small business office at home.

Dual-leg Height Adjustable Electric sit and stand frame for L shape Desk Top Black – PrimeCables®

Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable Desk

If an L-shaped desk is too large, we recommend this sit-stand dual motor desk frame. The tabletop’s not included, however, this provides a very basic base you can work from to create your own sit-stand desk according to your preferences.

No matter how you approach a sit-standing desk, there are plenty of low-cost options at to transform your home office. Get yourself a proper home office desk. Invest in yourself today and it’ll pay off in productivity, results, and most importantly, no more aches and pains! Visit us today.

How Do I Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office?

Like many home offices who have made the switch to ergonomic office furniture have already done, you too can avoid neck, shoulder, and back issues simply by re-designing a select few aspects of your space.

Do you have pain or are at an increased cardiovascular risk – sitting in an office unfortunately won’t do you any favours. Though a lot of us work in front of computers, doing this day after day eventually leads to pain and discomfort. There’s no avoiding it.

Why this happens is because our bodies aren’t built to be sitting for 8 hours a day or more. Regarding the neck, shoulder, and back issues, as well as the weight issues that can accompany office work, they should be taken seriously. One simple solution is creating an ergonomic home office space for you.

PrimeCables® Ergo Riser ADR Sit-Stand Desk

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics, in office furniture, is to design a space that suits the dynamic of the body. Switching elements like desks and chairs can significantly change the experience of working in a home office. Even by simply purchasing a sit-standing desk or ergonomic riser, this has an effect on comfort levels during and after a day’s work.

What is an ergonomic desk riser?

An ergonomic desk riser is a more affordable version of a sit-stand desk. It’s more or less a desk topping a desk. So you’d take your riser and put it on your desk. Then you can lift it, height adjustable-style. It turns a regular desk into an ergonomic setup that can stand with you and sit with you. This is why these are called ergonomic sit-standing desks. This gives you the chance to move with ease up and down, taking stress off your body as you adjust position throughout the day.

PrimeCables® Ultra Slim Sit-Stand Desk

Do I need ergonomic accessories?

Getting your desk right should be the primary focus when it comes to setting up an ergonomic office. After you have your desk just right, accessories can help improve your home office experience. Things like an ergonomic chair, keyboard and mice, or foot stand all helps in complementing a more natural posture.

PrimeCables® Anti-fatigue Standing Mat

What is an ergonomic posture?

After you’re settled in with everything you need, the last step towards achieving your ergonomic setup is being conscious of your posture. Feet should be flat on the floor, eyes at screen level, thighs parallel or pointing slightly downwards towards the floor, and keep arms at right angles. Ergonomic desks and accessories do a lot but it still takes a commitment to remain in a conveniently comfortable posture. Eventually, this becomes second nature.

Setting up an ergonomic office doesn’t have to be hard or expensive! Save 10% and an EXTRA 10% on ergonomic risers from PrimeCables this week Canada-only. Dump your old equipment and furniture for new, and reduce any of the pain and discomfort that usually comes with office work. Set up the home office of your dreams!

A Sit Stand Desk to Fix Your Office Aches and Pains That You Can Actually Afford

You can feel pretty beat up at the end of the day working at an office. You wouldn’t think so by watching someone sitting there but ask anyone who has worked in an office environment. Sedentary lifestyles like this come with their fair share of aches and pains. To remain still for an entire day, it’s hard on the body. Add to that bad posture – which is very common – and tremendous pain comes with that. Thankfully, a sit-stand desk can fit that.

A sit-stand desk takes those office aches and pains, and throws them away. Do you have lower back pain you’re struggling to get rid of? What about between the shoulders or in the upper back? These are all common areas at risk of tension, pain, and repetitive strain. Eventually, you either end up with a temporary injury or discomfort that seems permanent. A sit-stand desk works by giving you the option to work while standing or sitting, as you like.

This is a height adjustable ergonomic desk that you can move up and down. When you stand, you’re taking pressure off your body. You’re putting it elsewhere. After standing for a period of time, you can adjust height once again and sit down. This takes off the stress that comes with prolonged standing. The game of minimizing aches and pains is an ongoing one however a sit-stand desk makes it easy. It gives you the option.

Beyond relieving the aches of office work, there are also other health benefits that come with standing or sit standing desks. As you’re moving and standing, you can actually burn more calories. This can reduce weight gain. There’s also some research suggesting a desk like this improves mood. We haven’t even discussed how it affects productivity yet. Offices that have widely adopted sit-stand desks have found productivity to be higher, with lesser absences and more workers invested in staying focused.

If you don’t know what sit stand desk to choose, you’ll probably find a lot of them are very expensive. For Canadians, thankfully, there’s PrimeCables. A discount retailer for Canada-only, there’s all sorts of sit stand desks waiting to be bought just filling the warehouse. For an office or home office job, this is where people are coming to get cheap high quality ergonomic desks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to completely change the way you work. Adjustable to any height, turn a normal desk into something special. Invest in yourself and feel better!