Benefits Of A Smart Outlet For A Home Office

It’s all about focus and productivity in a home office. You don’t want any distractions or technology taking you away from your work.

A smart outlet in a home office has multiple uses, facilitating an easier experience without distraction. If you work from home and are looking at ways to upgrade your work-from-home setup, try a smart plug on for size. Here are a few of the reasons why.


A smart plug can be controlled remotely and by voice through Alexa, Google Home, and other programs.


If you want to set something on a timer to shut off, such as if you’re broadcasting a signal or downloading files, you can set it up remotely with a smart plug.

Use It On Breaks

When you come to take a break in between work, hit your smart outlet button. This can turn on music, TV, a timer, an essential oil diffuser, or whatever you need to relax and decompress for break time. This is a top-of-the-line smart home accessory for home offices, for this reason alone. Highly adaptable.

See If Someone’s Using It

See on your smartphone if someone’s using your devices. Anything that’s plugged into your outlet, you can monitor. If it’s been unplugged, you’ll know. If the tech has been turned on, you’ll be notified as well. This is a fine way to monitor usage and see if someone unauthorized inside your home is accessing data.

Control Your Office From Anywhere

You can shut down power or turn on power from anywhere in the world so long as you have Internet on your smartphone. Whatever is plugged into a smart outlet is fully controlled by you wherever you happen to be.

Welcome Home Features

Set up your smart outlet WiFi socket with ‘Welcome Home’ features and sync them up with other accessories in your work-from-home setup.

Turn Off/Turn On

Set up your home office the night before and then, ten minutes before your shift, hit your smartphone button. Instantly, you can turn on your laptop or computer, coffee maker to prep a fresh cup, and more.

Check out office smart home accessories at today, including smart plugs and smart outlets which do not require a hub to work. It’s as easy as plugging it in and installing an app. A win-win! From setting up your coffee maker to monitoring your laptop, adding a little technology to your home office has never been easier.

How to Use A Smart Power Strip to Create A Smart Home On The Cheap

Smart home and home automation can cost a lot when you start adding up all the tech accessories you have to buy. From window and door sensors to lighting, smart home kitchen appliances, and more, it all adds up.

It can be intimidating browsing smart home accessories but a simple start is a smart power strip equipped with everything you need to turn everyday outlets into smart outlets. That is, they’re managed through an app on your smartphone.

Turn on/off things with ease. Do it via Internet connection, anywhere and at any time.

Why Buy A Smart Power Strip

A smart power strip is advantageous for many reasons. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a smart home kit or home automation kit. A smart power strip also doesn’t require a smart home hub. Operate it through WiFi.

How to use a smart power strip is easy. You plug it in like any other power strip. Then, you need some way to control it. This can be done through a smartphone app or an app voice control feature.

Once you have control over it, you can do things like set timers, monitor it remotely 24/7, fast-charge USB devices, and more.

Smart Power Strip 4 Sub-Control Outlets, 2 USB Ports, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home PrimeCables®

What Can You Use With A Smart Power Strip?

  • Plug in lamps and/or lighting, turning it on and off on your phone as you enter or leave.
  • Plug in humidifiers, space heaters, essential oil diffusers, and similar equipment, operating it remotely such as when you’re in bed. You don’t even need to get up.
  • Plug in grow lights and indoor gardening lighting, turning it on and off through your smartphone
    app without you having to even be at home.
  • Plug in your Christmas tree lights and turn them on/off without having to search through your tree for the plug.
  • Start the coffee maker in the morning while you’re still in bed. Wake up to the seductive smells of your favourite cup of coffee without you having to do any of the work.

There are dozens of possibilities as to what you can do with a smart plug. Especially when it’s a smart power strip with 4 outlets and 2 USB ports.

Can You Sync A Smart Power Strip With Alexa or Google Home?

Yes, a smart power strip with USB ports is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home. This makes it even easier to control what’s plugged in. Use voice commands.

If you know what you’re doing by automating electricity through these sub-control outlets, a homeowner can have their very own smart home setup for less than $40. It’s a steal! Shop accessories for your smart home in Canada, including smart plugs and smart power strips, at