How Fast Is An Apple-Certified Lightning Cable & Dual-Port USB Smart Wall Charger?

Apple-certified lightning cables are one of the electronics’ industry’s most popular consumer cables. The advanced technology inside the lightning cable makes it fast, efficient, and the chosen cable used by Apple.

When you buy an Apple certified lightning cable & dual-port USB smart wall charger, to be a lightning cable, it needs to be certified as such by Apple. An uncertified lightning cable can be damaging to a device and not work as well.

MFI-certified is another way to say Apple-certified. From sources like, you can save a little money by buying an MFI-certified USB lightning cable that is not directly from Apple but still certified in the quality of the cable.

All lightning cables are known to be fast but how fast are they?

Sync And Data Transfer Rates On An Apple-Certified Lightning Cable

To get the maximum performance from an Apple lightning cable, you must plug it in with a wall charger. This is because when you use a laptop or similar device, you are compromised by the limitations of the laptop or computer. They can only put out so much power, far less than a lightning cable can handle and therefore reducing what you’re going to get on the other end.

In terms of how fast a lightning cable is, it relies on the USB end of the cable, be it USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

  • USB 2.0 has a speed of 480Mbps/60Mbps.
  • USB 3.0 has a speed of 5Gbps/640Mbps.

This is what you get when you buy a 1 x Apple-certified lightning cable & 1 x dual-point USB smart wall charger. However, it is important to note that Apple does not put out all lightning cable specifications. Because of this reason, it’s difficult to say with certainly what the maximum speed any lightning cable can handle. The aforementioned numbers go strictly by what we know the USB connector can handle, as opposed to what the lightning connector can.

You will also find in terms of power, lightning cables carry 2.4A. Ultimately, if you have an Apple device, you cannot use another cable. You have to use a lightning cable. Just make sure it’s certified, firstly. Secondly, plugging it into the wall will maximize the speed. The combination of both is what will get you the fastest Apple-certified lightning cable possible.

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How Many Watts Should A USB Wall Charger Have For Fast-Charging – See Here!

We all want our USB devices to charge as quickly as possible. Even with a fast-charging cable, unfortunately, we are still limited by the wattage provided.

Every USB port has a certain wattage specification. For example, a PC USB charging port will deliver 2.5 watts of power. This used to be quite good but is very minimal today. If you are purchasing a USB wall charger, consider the wattage.

5W USB Wall Charger

An average USB wall charger is five watts. A 5W USB wall charger is a great universal single-port connection for iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and other devices.

Five watts is respectable. It is the current charging standard though is not marketed as ‘fast-charging’.

Please note that your device will work on a 5W charger just like it will a 10W charger or anything more. No device is strict to any sort of wattage and most USB chargers have various design protections which should protect what’s being charged.

To anyone who bought a phone pre-2019, the standard charger that comes with an iPhone or Android is equipped for 5 watts of power.

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10W USB Wall Charger

One of the best USB wall plugs today is double the wattage at 10W USB wall charger. Also a universal single port connection, it functions a lot of the same way and operates at a slightly higher DC output and AC input.

The more wattage you have going, the more risk that a device can be damaged. This is why chargers incorporate various mechanisms to prevent overcharging, such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-heating protection, overload protection, surge protection, over-charge protection, and under-voltage protection.

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The latest generation of phone chargers that have come out in the past two years provides 12 watts of power.

A smartphone that is dead can go from zero to 100% in nearly 90 minutes with a 12W charger combined with a USB Type-C cable.

A plug that is 10-12 watts will charge a phone up to 4 times faster than normal. This is very impressive, although again one must have the right device and the right cable. There are numerous variables at play, besides the wall charger.

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