What Are the Best ZigBee Smart Home Products to Buy in 2021 – See here!

Zigbee is a top-of-the-line brand in smart home and home automation. If you have to set up automation and smart home accessories under one name, Zigbee has a unique ecosystem of products to consider. Here are some of the best Zigbee smart home products in 2021 to immediately add value, functionality, and control over your household’s day-to-day.

Zigbee Smart Outlet

The Zigbee smart outlet is like any other outlet in your home except it’s controlled remotely via smartphone. Reduce energy consumption. Enjoy wireless home automation. Set up items to automatically turn on/off.

Zigbee Motion Sensors

Zigbee motion sensors pick up on detected movement. It’s a great way to not only protect a household from intruders but also monitor who’s coming and going, if anyone, and even movement inside the home.

Zigbee Window And Door Sensors

A better choice over motion sensors for some is the smart home security kit from Zigbee. It’s equipped with a motion sensor but also window and door sensors. They notify you when someone’s entering or exiting by your windows or doors.

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Zigbee Smart Dimmer Switch

If you’ve always wanted to control lighting remotely – a la bringing a date home with you or relaxing at
home after a hard day’s work – this is how. A Zigbee smart dimmer switch can be combined with coloured
LEDs and other lighting scenarios to really customize the atmosphere.

Voice Assistants, i.e. Alexa, Amazon Echo, And Google Home

Zigbee smart home products are typically controlled through a smartphone app but voice assistants provide an alternative way to adjust settings. Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other compatible voice assistants are a great addition to your smart home setup even though they aren’t Zigbee-branded.

Zigbee 720p Night Vision Cameras

Smart home security cameras are a key component to so many smart homes. Through WiFi, monitor your property with ease. The Zigbee smart home camera also has night vision, has a speaker, and is equipped with baby monitor functions. Catch real-time video from anywhere.

ZigBee Smart Home Hub

A ZigBee smart home hub allows you to control multiple smart devices from a single app. A beautiful thing about adopting a hub like Zigbee’s is the ability to match multiple home automation products and smart home accessories from compatible brands. In terms of home security and maximizing the possibilities of what you can do, a hub works.

Customize your smart home. Automate what you don’t need to be hands-on with daily. Shop smart home products and accessories in 2021 in Canada from PrimeCables.ca and nab the best deals!

What Are the Benefits of A ZigBee Smart Home Hub? – Read here

A smart home hub can be key to operating multiple smart home accessories through a single device. Though a hub isn’t needed to enjoy smart home accessories, it’s considered an asset. Here’s why.

Why A Smart Home

A smart home uses sensors, high-tech, and automation to craft a cohesive home. Smart home accessories, however, aren’t made to coexist with one another per se. You can buy smart products from different brands and then you end up with a mix-and-match.

What Is the ZigBee Smart Home Hub?

A smart home hub creates a network, just like WiFi or Bluetooth. On this network, smart home accessories from different manufacturers can interact with one another. This is where home automation really is possible.

The ZigBee Smart Hub is designed to interact with smart home sensors. This smart home hub supports all LivingSmart and LivingWise sensors and smart home products.

ZigBee is Stable And Reliable

ZigBee is the language that’s used to wirelessly communicate between devices. It operates independently from the WiFi and Bluetooth networks, and is its own network. By sectioning your smart home products onto a network like this, you guarantee stability and reliability.

Centralize All Smart Home Products

Every smart home product uses its own app or method to function. A smart home hub is one network for everything. You unite all devices, integrating them in a single easy-to-use app. You greatly expand what you can do managing a collection of smart home accessories.

What Smart Home Products You Can Connect

In real-time, a smart home hub will show you what’s going on with sensors on lights, curtains, windows, doors, and motion detectors. When possible, you can also control smart home appliances, air conditioners, and more.

A Single App For Everything

A smart home hub provides one app. That’s all you need. No one wants to use four or five applications to manage their smart home accessories. No, you just need one.

Customize Your Home Automation

A hub takes things further by allowing you to link devices, build routines, and customize home automation according to your needs and schedule. You don’t even have to be in the room making voice commands to do so, like you would with a smart speaker. So long as you’re connected to the app, you can adjust smart home accessories remotely.

Though much of the world has moved on to smart speakers, the idea of a smart home hub continues to live on. The functionality of a hub exceeds that of a smart speaker in many ways. PrimeCables.ca is an official seller of ZigBee smart home hubs in Canada and smart home accessories. Shop a smart home hub and more.