CES 2019 gives Glimpse into the Future of USB Type-C Cables, Devices, and more!

The annual CES show is always a spectacle to behold, with so many new tech gadget and developments. This year, we’ve seen a lot into the future of where the USB standard is headed.


PrimeCables USB c cables
PrimeCables USB c cables


As we look ahead towards the next generation of headphones, monitors, docks, and gadgets coming down the pike, know USB Type-C cables and devices are not going away any time soon. As a matter of fact, in many ways, USB-C still hasn’t reached the full potential of what it can do. Now that the future’s coming closer towards fulfilling USB Type-C’s potential, we’re excited!


Imagine portable monitors which can take video and power from any connected laptop. Imagine docks where the connectors are USB-C laptop ports. Think of the headphones and microphones which are able to make use of a USB-C connection. Although the tech industry has given a lot of pushback to adopting USB-C industry-wide, so many companies and products are beginning to come around in agreement that this is the best connection type going. Throughout the past year and into this one, more products are in development accepting the USB-C standard while others are committing to ditching the Micro USB standard in favor of the aforementioned.


At CES 2019, one of the most impressive uses of USB-C ended up being with monitors.  In the next year, laptops will hit the market able to send video data and power to up to two HD displays consecutively. Instead of plugging your monitor into the wall, you can now use your laptop to draw power from. Although this challenges the laptop’s battery to perform, running it down unplugged rather quickly, it’s an interesting concept no doubt.


Taking Apple’s lead, Android manufacturers have committed to getting rid of the headphone jack on their smartphone products as well. Now, the headphone industry has made its choice, siding with USB-C and lightning cable-connecting headphones. In a short little while, it’s reasonable to expect to see no more 3.5mm headphones in favor of those switching to USB-C headphones. Although wireless and Bluetooth are more or less an industry standard, for those connections that require a cable, USB Type-C is proving to be a far more reliable standard than 3.5mm audio cable.


As we reached its conclusion, we can say with certainty that a big focus of CES 2019 continued to be to push the USB Type-C standard forward. In a period where there’s a lot of competition from wireless solutions, USB-C continues to hold strong. Shop all your USB Type-C cables and accessories from PrimeCables today.

All you Need to Know about USB

USB stands for ‘universal serial bus’ and it is the most common consumer cable currently on the market today. USB cables are used to sync and charge a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile digital devices.

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Choosing the right USB cable for your needs can vary, depending on what you want to use it for. Anyone looking for high quality, cheap USB cables in Canada, PrimeCables has got you covered with nearly 100 different models to browse.


The most popular use of USB cables is evidently for smartphones and tablets. For these devices, consumers usually shop for Apple lightning cables, Apple 30pin USB cables, USB Type C cables, and micro USB 2.0 5 pin cables. See amazing USB deals from PrimeCables on products like the preferred 1M Nylon braided USB lightning cable MFi certified on-sale for a limited time only for $6.99.

how to choose the right USB for your devices
how to choose the right USB for your devices

If you’re looking for a USB cable for data transfer or storage, such as with an external hard drive, consider our premium USB 2.0 to micro 5pin USB sync and charge cable for only $1.69 or the premium USB sync and charge cable with 28/24 AWG for $2.38.


If you’re looking for portable device connections – such as those used for drones, power banks, cameras, and Bluetooth speakers – you may want to go with our high-speed micro USB 2.0 sync and charging cable with Nylon braided protection for $5.49. The great thing about the Nylon braided protection is that it provides a cable that is not going to get bent out of shape, chewed on by pets, or that’s not going to break when you throw it into your bag.


Now, for larger computer devices that require USB connectivity like printers and microphones, your USB cable is going to be built a little differently. Be careful on what you order for these devices and ensure you have the right connection end. A few of the options we have include the high quality USB 2.0 male to male 28/24 AWG cable for $2.49 and the USB 3.0 male to male cable in blue for $1.49.


If you have more questions on what might be the right USB cable product for you and your devices, please feel free to visit PrimeCables. USB cables are used for so many multi-purpose products with reason. For this reason, companies like Apple and Microsoft have waged huge bets on USB Type-C cables, among other types. Don’t overpay and shop with PrimeCables for the lowest prices in Canada across all USB accessories.

The Best Back-to-School Gear, Essential USB type C Accessories you’re gonna need!

USB Type C cables, adapters, and accessories are among our back-to-school gear deals at PrimeCables.ca. Here are some type C essentials you’re gonna need going back to school this autumn.

PrimeCables USB type C for back to school
PrimeCables USB type C for back to school

Hands down, our most recommendable USB type C cable would be our 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector in white, on sale now for just $5.99 each. This USB type-C cable, with 56K ohm pull-up resistor, is ready for quick charging, as well as data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps.


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The USB-C compliant type A to type C cable is not only safe for your device, but sturdy, too, combined with a stylish design. The reversible type-C connector is user-friendly, allowing you to plug it in both ways. Connects to new Apple MacBooks, ChromeBook Pixel, Nokia tablets, computer or USB charger, and complete with aluminum alloy connectors, making it the most durable cable available on the market.


All our cables come with lifetime warranties, as well as including our free return policy. If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase, or find out you’ve ordered the wrong type of cable for your devices, ship it back at no extra cost and order the one you need.


Shipping is free on orders of $49 and up, and fast shipping is available on all our products for just $5.95. With warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, we deliver quickly all over Canada.


Another big seller of ours is the PrimeCables® USB-C to USB-A & to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable – 2-in-1 Combo, available in rose gold, on sale now for just $8.99. These incredibly durable, metal-braided cables are tailor-made for quick charging and data transfers, for PC and MacBooks, and compatible with all your USB-enabled devices.


Up to 480Mbps transfer speed, reversible design, and heavy-duty metal housing makes these some of the most durable cables you can get your hands on. Measuring a metre in length each, you’ll be able to use these cables to connect devices on your side table to your desktop computer, or from awkward public wall sockets to your mobile without a sweat.


If you’re already a fan of PrimeCables, then you’re gonna love our sale price for the USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter, regularly $43.99, now just $34.99 until June 30th. Achieve 1080P HDMI output with simultaneous charging and syncing of all your USB devices with this all-in-one accessory.


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Is USB Type-C and Thunderbolt the Same Thing?

No, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt are not the same thing but they’re close – sort of. Let us explain!

It was in the early 1990s that the USB standard was first published and since then, USB interfaces have changed quite a bit to accommodate the growing technology. Today, USB-C is the accepted standard and is easily one of the most popular consumer cables in the world. USB-C does not describe the technology inside the cable. Instead, USB-C describes the type of connector and plug on the end.

USB-C is about the third of the size of the previous USB-A standard and provides quite the upgrade in functionality. The USB-C is used to charge devices from laptops and smartphones to all sorts. Very powerful and even hailed by some as ‘future-proof’, the USB-C connector is reversible as well meaning that there is no wrong way to plug it in.

Now let’s talk a little bit about Thunderbolt. The USB-C is the connector and so the technology inside is Thunderbolt. Approximately a decade ago, all the talk was about Firewire for high data transfer. Thunderbolt replaced Firewire, allowing the opportunity to share more power among multiple devices and to sync and charge at far faster capabilities than what was previously possible. Today’s latest Thunderbolt standard has up to 40Gbps bandwidth, reduced power consumption, and is reportedly able to move as much as 100 watts of power.

Therefore, Thunderbolt USB-C cables make for some of the most advanced in history. As technology continues to progress, Thunderbolt is just the beginning to capitalizing on the limitless uses of USB Type-C. In the years to come, USB-C is likely to remain as the standard – with or without Thunderbolt – helping millions of Canadians hook up and connect their devices.

In the USB Type-C PrimeCables category, some of the biggest selling items include the 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – White – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $5.99, the USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM – PrimeCables® for $43.99, the USB-C Adapter, USB Type C to Micro USB Convert Connector – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $3.99, and the USB-C to USB 3.1 M/F Cable Adapter, OTG Compatible – White – PrimeCables® for $6.99.

Now that the Type-C and Thunderbolt differences have hopefully been made somewhat clearer, please don’t hesitate to browse the PrimeCables to buy your USB Type-C on discount. All orders above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. In addition, there are free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all USB Type-C cables purchased through PrimeCables. Buy today to begin tapping into some of the fastest sync and charge cables in Canada!

Your All-in-One HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C 3.1 to Type-C Adapter is Right Here

If you’re struggling to find the right adapter for your home entertainment setup and devices, you’re not alone. Buying the wrong devices and/or overpaying on adapters that are unreliable is not something any of us want. When you shop with PrimeCables, we do our best to point you in the right direction. As one of Canada’s premiere eCommerce sites for cables and adapters – and as an authority in the marketplace on this subject – we offer high quality products at discount prices. Please feel encouraged to browse our selection of cables and adapters to find the best product.

USB TYPE-C Adapter
USB TYPE-C Adapter


The USB-C 3.1 to HDMI Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM – PrimeCables® is available today for only $43.99. Enjoy 1080p HDMI output with simultaneous charging and syncing capability for your USB devices. Easy to use and carry, and easily portable, this adapter services a wide range of needs, including USB-C input, HDMI output, former versions of the HDMI standard that need to be considered, multiple USB 3.1 interfaces to plug-and-play, and more. Buy your adapter today from PrimeCables and receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Should there be any issues with its functionality, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do everything within our power to resolve the issue.


The USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM – PrimeCables® is the perfect solution for someone looking to connect their USB device to a computer or hub. The Gigabit Ethernet port, Type-C charging port, and HDMI port hub creates a unique experience in which the USB-C female port can charge for the host computer, the host computer can connect to the network via the Ethernet port, and the HDMI adapter means connecting to an extra monitor is easy. Though this might sound complicated, for those that know how to use it and/or for those willing to learn, an adapter like this comes with a tremendous amount of value and makes consuming media and charging devices that much easier.


Buy your all-in-one HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C 3.1 to Type-C adapter via PrimeCables today. Enjoy amazingly fast network speeds, resolutions up to 1920x1080p at 60Hz, per lane data rates of up to 2.7Gbps, content protection, and USB super speed transmission. There’s no better source for cables and adapters on discount in Canada than PrimeCables. Shop today and see the savings!

Time to Update your USB-C Cable on PrimeCables’ Birthday Sale

If you haven’t yet updated to the USB-C standard, now’s the time. Receive higher data transfer speeds through a more advanced cable overall and one that provides a reversible connection – that’s the power of USB-C cable. Available exclusively on PrimeCables’ birthday sale, we are marking down the prices for our USB-C cables even further. Enjoy exclusive deals and promotions, and buy multiples to save money in the long run.

PrimeCables USB TYPE-C

The USB Type-C standard is the ultimate consumer cable, and is used by devices from smartphones and tablets to the more obscure. Though there are plenty of knock-off cables out there in the marketplace, we have to say that most of the time inexpensiveness equals to risk. In the past year alone, there have been numerous articles published on the dangers of buy unapproved, discount USB-C cables only to see them kill devices. That’s not us. PrimeCables does not believe in substandard cables and has strong standard requirements in place to ensure every product meets the expectation set for it. That’s also why we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on every USB-C cable we sell. If you’re not happy with it, we’re not happy facilitating the purchase so get in touch with us should there be anything questionable.

USB type c standard

High quality USB-C cables from PrimeCables come from an Apple-certified manufacturer. As one of the fastest growing Canadian eCommerce companies, we have made our name for cheap pricing and not cheap products. The discounts on USB-C cables cut pretty deep already and can end up saving the average consumer anywhere from $5-$30 depending on the item purchased. Also, browse thoroughly to discover other USB-C cable accessories and similar tech items that you might fancy. To this point, all orders above $49 purchased through PrimeCables receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Among the top selling USB-C cables in the PrimeCables catalogue, these include the 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – White – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack or $5.99, the USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM – PrimeCables® for $3.99, and the USB-C Adapter, USB Type C to Micro USB Convert Connector – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $3.99.


Buy today from PrimeCables birthday anniversary sale for the highest quality USB-C cables in Canada and please take advantage of our upcoming birthday sales deals, discounts, and promotions. Take a look through our catalogue – we can assure you that you won’t find better pricing anywhere else in Canada!

How to Choose the Right USB Cable for your Needs


USB technology was created to link an exchange of information between devices and/or a computer with ease. Today, USB is used perhaps more than any other information exchange cable in this category. The many different types of USB cables each come with unique purposes and ports. Choosing the right USB cable for your device, data transfer, and/or charging needs begins with getting to know a little bit about your device and its requirements for a USB cable.

Let’s say you are using your USB cable primarily for storage access. This means that you need it as a data transfer method and power supply, such as for an external hard drive or for a digital camera. The types of USB cables that are most common for these devices are micro USB 2.0 5-pins, micro USB 2.0 8-pins, and micro USB 3.0 10-pins.

If you are using a USB cable on a portable device designed to use these cables for connection and recharging, you want a cable that is optimized for your device. These include micro USB 2.0 5-pins, a USB 3.0 type C, or a mini USB 2.0 5-pin. Among the devices that commonly use these types of USB cables are Bluetooth speakers, sports cameras, a power bank, or a drone.

Many people use USB cables for large computer devices primarily for connection and power supply. When these cables are paired with something like a printer, scanner, digital microphone, or other digital instruments, USB type B 2.0 or USB type B 3.0 are the standard series that many manufacturers go to.

Do you need a USB cable for your smartphone, tablet, or similar type of mobile device – this is where some trouble might come into play. Depending on the manufacturer of the phone, you need to find the cable with the right connectors. Typically, these type of charge and data sync USB cables are limited to the micro USB 2.0 5-pin, the USB 3.0 type C, the Apple 30-pin, or the Apple Lightning cable. We do recommend always checking with the manufacturer’s instructions prior to making your purchase, ensuring that the USB cable selected is the right one for your device.

Browsing this list of devices in requirement of USB cables, it is evident the diversity of this type of cable.

We advise anyone to take a quick look through this list to find the cables that are most applicable to their devices and then to confirm by checking their manufacturer’s instructions. Though it seems like a lot, within a matter of a few minutes or less, you should have a pretty good idea on what USB cable is right for your device.