Benefits of Sit-Stand Desk Solutions – Buy Today from a Canadian Brand!

Sit-stand desk workstations are becoming highly popular among the elite in the corporate and business world, in Canada, the United States, and internationally.

There has been an increase in the demand for sit-stand desk solutions, as a means to address office inactivity and the health complications associated with it. Spending more of your work day standing instead of sitting has a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.


Reduce your Risk of Obesity

Having a sit-stand desk workstation provides you with the opportunity to build muscle strength and move around a bit more. Engaging your body with constant, subtle movements helps to reduce risk factors closely associated with obesity. The key to losing weight is consistent, moderate levels of movement over the course of the day. On average, those who stand at their desks burn up to 50 more calories per hour than those who sit.

Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk and increase Metabolism

Sitting down for extended periods of time negatively affects the regulation of glucose levels in the blood stream, increasing the risk of diabetes and impacting your metabolism. Buying a sit-stand workstation provides you with the opportunity to keep your body engaged while your mind takes the lead on the work in front of you.

Increase your Cardio Output

Studies have shown adults who spent more than two hours per day sitting have as much as a 125 percent increased risk in cardiovascular-related health problems. For someone that is already at a higher risk of chest pain and heart attacks, a sit-stand desk workstation might be the right solution for you.

It Might Reduce your Risk of Some Types of Cancers

Breast cancer and colon cancer, according to current research, are the types of cancer most influenced by physical activity. Many assume a link between prolonged sitting and some cases of breast cancer and colon cancer in the United States. By engaging the body in a standing position, you continue to increase strength and endurance in the body, reducing the cancer risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Find Yourself more Engaged than Ever Before

The health benefits are just the beginning of the benefits of buying a sit-stand desk solutions. Engage your body in the same way you engage your mind, and build a stronger, leaner self. As a Canadian company, we offer sit-stand desk solutions at the lowest price. Any Canadian seeking sit-stand desk solutions are encouraged to browse through some of our options, including the award-winning PrimeCables Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser ADRP for Monitor, or the Rocelco Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Desk Riser. Help support a Canadian business while you invest in your professional future and health. Buy today!

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