Where to Find Instruments and Audiophile Accessories in Canada?


Check out a premiere selection of musical instruments accessories in Canada right here at PrimeCables!

If you’re a guitar player, you never want to leave the house without your guitar strap or an extra pick. We got you covered.

If you’re a vocalist, you want to know your vocal is going to come out clear on the recording so you want to have the right microphone and pop filter at your side. We got you covered.

If you’re a producer, you want the right mixer with the capabilities to do everything you need it to do with fail. We got you covered there as well.

And hey, for your next live performance or live show, when you’re in the market for stage audio and light accessories, Prime Cables has plenty to choose from. We are your one-stop show for instruments and audiophile accessories in Canada.


We are Always Adding to our Selection

Visit back every six months or so to see the new additions to our roster of instrument accessories. No matter what kind of music you play, we know what it’s like to have gear fail on you when you need it most, before a live show. Better yet, when you’re in the studio and not on stage, you want to make sure you have the proper instruments and equipment there to produce the sounds that you hear in your head. Guitars, amps, keyboards, DJ equipment, and microphones, we can help contribute to your growing collection of musical equipment with high quality selections from Canadian and international brands.

Better Prices than your Local Corporate Shop

We regularly have sales, promotions, and specials. Prime Cables instrument cable does what it can to offer these instrument accessories at the lowest possible price point for all to enjoy. Through our selection, you can build your studio or live show from top to bottom.


Dependable, reliable equipment at a fraction of in-store costs

Canadian musicians from coast to coast have bought from Prime Cables, depending on our equipment and accessories since 2007. From beginners to more advanced musicians, we have assisted thousands of Canadians achieve their dreams in recording their songs and delivering blistering live performances. If you are seeking variety and range of professional audio products from a Canadian supplier, you’ll find what you need with us. Enjoy the convenience of seeing and comparing all of these options under one roof, and walk away with the products you need at an appropriate price. For instruments and audiophile accessories, Prime Cables is the place to buy.

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