15% off Pro Audio Cables for June 2019 PrimeCables Birthday Sale

In the world of audio cables, there’s no shortage of options on how to equip your home entertainment system with sound. Outside of selecting the right speaker system or soundbar to use, audio cables play a key role in the quality of sound you receive. Even with the most high quality speaker there is, if you don’t have the right audio cable to pair it with, it could very well sound terrible.


There are several possible audio cable options in the PrimeCables catalogue, including HDMI cables which are ideal for both video and audio. Many Canadian households will choose HDMI cables as their audio cable and there’s nothing wrong with this. That said, HDMI cables are probably more advantageous to households with a high value on video quality. For upgraded audio, you may choose to go through another method.

Premium HDMI® 2.0 Cables with Nylon Jacket PrimeCables® Mamba Series


For DIY enthusiasts and those people who know a little bit about how audio works, you can complete a re-design on your home audio system, stereo, or home theater system using speaker wire. Place speaker wire inside walls or ceilings and adapt them to the environment. Through PrimeCables, they can be purchased at various lengths which is definitely a major advantage in this day and age where we all have different home media consumption needs.

50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation) – PrimeCables®


Are you a musician looking for professional audio cables on-sale – we got you covered. Browse XLR cables, TRS cables, RCAs, MIDI cables, snake cables, and more. For microphones, guitar, keyboard, bass, or recording equipment, you can pick up all your music cables this June on discount.

1.5ft Premier Series XLR M/F 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect] – PrimeCables®

While you’re at it, if you’re working through a digital interface or have music recording software set up on your computer, you may want to also pick up some 3.5mm audio cables. Specifically designed for headphones, you can buy 3.5mm audio cables separate or choose adapters which can help transfer sound across various devices in a way that may not have otherwise been possible.

3.5mm Stereo Plug/Jack M/F Extension Cable – 6ft – PrimeCables®


Those aren’t the only audio cables we’ll have on 15% off come June. You can also find Toslink digital audio cables, digital coaxial cables, and RCA audio cables among others. You can also find banana plugs, audio and video wall plates, speakers and subwoofers, and other pro audio equipment to pair with your cable purchase. Any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stock up!


Don’t let a cable break and you be left out without a replacement. Now’s the time to buy – not last-minute. Before the summer season kicks into high-gear, buy all the cables you need on discount from PrimeCables. Shop with us today.

Get the Best Home Theater Deals from PrimeCables May 7 to June 11

This month, let PrimeCables be your home for the best home theater deals in Canada. From May 7 to June 11, home theater accessories, home entertainment, HDTV, and TV wall mounts are available at deep discounts!

PrimeCables summer home theater event
PrimeCables summer home theater event

There’s hundreds of dollars you can save when buying home theater accessories on deals and discounts from PrimeCables. TVs, soundbars, media streaming devices, TV boxes, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, and more are priced at up to 70% off market price. See the best prices in Canada on home theater deals but don’t think the products are not equally of high quality. PrimeCables has built its name in Canadian eCommerce off of high quality product and cheap pricing – not more complicated than that. Throughout the years, we have worked with home theater manufacturers and suppliers to negotiate the best pricing for our customers. Thousands of households have bought from PrimeCables in the past, and they continue to enjoy these highly reliable products months and years down the line.


There are many additional reasons to buy HDTV deals and home theater accessories from PrimeCables. Combine enough items to meet the minimum threshold of $49 or more and instantly receive a coupon code for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Also, on home theater products, free returns and a 1-year product guarantee are included ensuring that the buyer is fully satisfied with their purchase. For this month’s best deals, be sure to take note of the calendar – TVs are on sale May 7 to May 13, soundbars are on sale May 14 to May 20, TV boxes are on sale May 21 to May 27, speakers and amplifiers are on sale May 28 to June 3, and projectors are on sale from June 4 to June 10.


If there’s an individual product you’ve been eyeing for a long time, today’s best deals might mean it’s the perfect time to buy. The roundup of daily home theater deals are easy enough to sift through, especially if you already know what you want. So don’t be afraid to upgrade individual components of your home entertainment setup if you want to keep costs minimal, or go all-out and update the whole thing. PrimeCables is the place to shop for home theater accessories and more. If it’s been a long time since you bought something for your living room’s HDTV setup, consider discounted speakers, soundbars, mounts, cables, adapters, and more. It doesn’t get better than shopping with PrimeCables on summer home theater deal weeks.



The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

black friday and cyber monday shopping
black friday and cyber monday shopping


The wait is almost over. Consumers that have been looking towards Black Friday for months are about to be awarded for their patience. Before heading into the shark tank that is Black Friday though, it’s important to know what you’re going in for. There are some products more likely to be discounted than others. Make your quest for Black Friday deals worthwhile!

Many storefronts tend to extend their deals over the 7-day period surrounding Black Friday. Be weary of deals that sound too good to be true. In some cases, a location might be trying to offload inventory from seasons long gone. In other cases, it’s cheap prices, yes, but also cheaply made products. In most cases, if what you are searching for does not need to be super high end, you can really cut down some costs finding items on Black Friday.


Among the items in Prime Cables extended storefront is a 200 watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier. This item features a contemporary, minimalist design to easily blend in with any home aesthetic, aptX coding for better sound quality, high output power, and a compact design. Save over $40 with this Bluetooth speaker available today for only $99.


The Orvibo WiFi Smart Camera Night Vision with speaker is also a favourite among passionate tech consumers. This item includes WiFi IP camera, 720p high definition video, and baby monitor capabilities. Tap into real-time video through your smartphone anytime, anywhere.  Available in one and two packs, see major knock-offs all throughout Black Friday week.


If you already have plans to buy a TV on Black Friday, you can pair it with other accessories to get the most out of it upon setup. This wall amount articulated arm supports screens up to 55 inches. Any type of flat screen, LED, LCD, etc. would work excellently with this choice. Be sure to browse other TV wall amounts and accessories in Prime Cables’ selection should this one not suit your TV purchase. There are more than a few to choose from and the deals are hard to beat.


To find all the latest Black Friday deals, please browse here. Feel free to use the password PRIMEWEEKEND for an additional 15% off all the way up until 11:59 pm 10/22/2017. All orders over $49 receive free shipping and on select items, deals cut as deep as 70 percent off!


Please take the time to browse through Prime Cables’ catalogue of cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, audio accessories, and wall mounts. There are bound to be more than a few things you can add to your cart to help get you going with your Black Friday purchases!

What Speaker System should I Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black friday deals steal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to invest in a speaker system. Choosing what kind of speaker system you want and where you might want to go to get the best deal can be tough.


For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Prime Cables is sweetening the pot with the code PRIMEWEEKEND which takes an additional 15% off any purchase, certain conditions apply. To browse some of our top selling speaker systems on sale for Black Friday, visit here. Otherwise, here are some of our recommendations for what might work for you. (Coupon with limited time offer)

The Mini Amplifier 30-Watt Digital Audio – Black has seen more than 50% knocked off of its market price, available today at only $43.99. This item has a tiny footprint, which is what makes it such a great choice for tight spaces or use on a desktop. High quality musical performance, a built-in headphone amplifier, and a high quality matte finish are some of the features of this home digital audio system. Pair it with another item and after you have a cart above the threshold of $49, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


The Monoprice® 8 Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer – Black is an ideal addition to a speaker system setup. Available for $114.99, this subwoofer is built on high performance. On the busiest shopping day of the year, picking up a subwoofer should not be forgotten. For some, it makes or breaks their speaker system. If you only have one day to take advantage of Canada’s biggest sales, now is the time to make that subwoofer buy!


The Adjustable Height 5 lb. Capacity Speaker Stands (Pair), Black – Monoprice® is an impressive setup. This capacity speaker stands are built well, has an adjustable height between 26.8” to 43.3”, and is available for only $29.99.


The Portable Mini home theater system B28 Bluetooth stereo soundbar speaker – Black has also been a favourite among many Canadian consumers. Available for $39.99, take it anywhere you want! This Bluetooth soundbar speaker system supports TF card and USB flash disk, FM radio, and has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.


Prime Cables is a major Canadian marketplace for speaker systems and speaker accessories. This upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s no need to look anywhere else. We’ve lowered our prices to ensure that Canadian consumers are getting the most for their money. Remember, use PRIMEWEEKEND for an additional 15% off, certain conditions apply!

Where to Find Instruments and Audiophile Accessories in Canada?


Check out a premiere selection of musical instruments accessories in Canada right here at PrimeCables!

If you’re a guitar player, you never want to leave the house without your guitar strap or an extra pick. We got you covered.

If you’re a vocalist, you want to know your vocal is going to come out clear on the recording so you want to have the right microphone and pop filter at your side. We got you covered.

If you’re a producer, you want the right mixer with the capabilities to do everything you need it to do with fail. We got you covered there as well.

And hey, for your next live performance or live show, when you’re in the market for stage audio and light accessories, Prime Cables has plenty to choose from. We are your one-stop show for instruments and audiophile accessories in Canada.


We are Always Adding to our Selection

Visit back every six months or so to see the new additions to our roster of instrument accessories. No matter what kind of music you play, we know what it’s like to have gear fail on you when you need it most, before a live show. Better yet, when you’re in the studio and not on stage, you want to make sure you have the proper instruments and equipment there to produce the sounds that you hear in your head. Guitars, amps, keyboards, DJ equipment, and microphones, we can help contribute to your growing collection of musical equipment with high quality selections from Canadian and international brands.

Better Prices than your Local Corporate Shop

We regularly have sales, promotions, and specials. Prime Cables instrument cable does what it can to offer these instrument accessories at the lowest possible price point for all to enjoy. Through our selection, you can build your studio or live show from top to bottom.


Dependable, reliable equipment at a fraction of in-store costs

Canadian musicians from coast to coast have bought from Prime Cables, depending on our equipment and accessories since 2007. From beginners to more advanced musicians, we have assisted thousands of Canadians achieve their dreams in recording their songs and delivering blistering live performances. If you are seeking variety and range of professional audio products from a Canadian supplier, you’ll find what you need with us. Enjoy the convenience of seeing and comparing all of these options under one roof, and walk away with the products you need at an appropriate price. For instruments and audiophile accessories, Prime Cables is the place to buy.

Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Wireless Headphones on Black Friday!


With the advancement of the wireless technology headphones are the hottest product on the market wooing consumers with the amazing functionality they offer to ensure enhanced sound quality and ease of use. However since there is so much to offer when it comes to wireless headphones it is important to understand what are your specific needs then finding the right wireless headphones is easy.

Before you dive in to make your black friday wireless headphone purchase do not just look for the functionality and make a wrong purchase consider the features to that the headphones offer. There are two most common features that you should not avoid.



Battery: The use of any device solely depend on the battery life it offers. Almost all wireless headphones either have rechargeable batteries or have a charging docking station. You would ideally want a battery life of 8-12 hours for a 24 hour usage. So before making a purchase make sure the wireless headphones support the battery life you need.


Noise Cancellation: If you are looking for the portability and the ease of use aspect of wireless Noise cancellation is another feature that you should consider. As it enhances the sound quality drastically.


Currently the latest functionalities that wireless headphones offer which are popular in the market; Infrared, Bluetooth and Ultra-High Frequency. Each functionality has its pros and cons so it’s crucial to understand what suits your needs.


Infrared Wireless Headphones: These headphones use infrared technology by which the headphones and an external transmitter communicate constantly.  They come with a transmitter which plugs into the audio jack of the electronic device. They are ideal for use with TV, Gaming Consoles. Although Infrared Wireless Headphones deliver an extremely good sound quality as there is less interference. They are not so adequate when it comes to mobility.

UHF / RF Wireless Headphones: Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones utilize high frequency radio waves to transmit signals between the headphones and the paired electronic device. They come with transmitter attached to an electronic device. Constant close contact with the transmitter is not required for Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones which is a major advantage over Infrared wireless headphones. Also they are extremely mobile and can function over long distances. One of the many brutal disadvantages is they experience when in contact with other electronic devices and the sound quality is impacted.



Bluetooth Wireless Headphone: Similar to radio waves yet much more effective are the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones as they operate at a different band ISM. Although they support a shorter transmission distance about 33-feet; however the range can be modified depending on the devices. Another advantage is all smartphones, TV’s, Gaming Consoles are well equipped to pair with Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. In comparison to other primitive technologies the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones do not need a transmitter to function. For more home theatre related cables and equipments, feel free to visit Primecables’ site!

How to Install, Configure and Place Speakers Seamlessly?


With the enhanced technology options available for a luxurious entertainment surround sound speakers are available in many variations. However to be able to experience the full potential of your surround sound speakers placement and configuration play a very vital role. Follow through the recommendations below to utilize the complete potential of your speakers. For more information about home theater accessories, you can always check our site.


  1. Speakers and Subwoofers: Most speakers that offer surround sound technology may vary typically from one to five speakers paired with a subwoofer. Speakers, Subwoofer both are hooked up to the receiver, however always make sure to manage wires lying across the floor. As often a damaged wire connection is the reason for the performance of a subwoofer, speakers. As placement is the key for both the speaker and the subwoofer, often the corner of a room may be the ideal placement.


  1. Front Speaker Placement: While installation as well as placement the most key component is measurement. Always while taking measurements make sure the tweeters of the front speakers are placed at ear-height when seated; if needed take assistance of bookshelf-style speakers, stands to maintain the optimal height. Measurements often tend to be faulty while installing.


  1. Surround Sound Speakers: Surround sound speakers are the key component to to amplify the movie or television experience. So while placing standard surround speakers in your home the length should be two feet above ear level. However placing speakers behind your couch or side walls is also ideal for a 5.1 setup, 7.1 system, speakers are best when placed behind walls to create rear surround ambiance.


  1. Projection Screens/ TV: Once all the speakers are placed efficiently the placement of Projection Screens/ TVs is crucial. Depending on the room and the furniture setup often this is determined. Ideally the front speakers on both sides right and left of the Projection Screens/ TV should be a one to two feet away. However the central speaker should be ideally placed above of the screen if the furniture is close to the screen and below if the furniture is placed appropriately.


  1. AT Screen: An AT Screen (acoustically transparent screen) is a projector screen used to accommodate the speakers behind the screen often placed in small rooms. When installing a transparent AT Screens to get the best experience place all speakers on right, left and centre behind the screen. However while installing perforated AT screen place the speakers behind the screen at a distance of 12 inches.


  1. Subwoofer Placement: Generally the best place for a subwoofer is the corner of a room. However another best spot is to place it along the wall half or quarter way for enhanced bass.


  1. Multiple Subwoofer: If you are looking to enhance the bass to its maximum potential the best solution is a subwoofer. A second subwoofer elevates the bass to ensure tight, well-defined and evenly distributed bass.


  1. Multiple Speakers: To support different sound formats different speakers are used; especially immersive-sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and DTS are associated to create 3D sound fields using height channels. While choosing these sound formats often single speakers are not able to deliver the enhanced potential. So the best route is to use 9 to 11 speakers depending on the processor


  1. Height/ Main Speaker Placement: 45° is the ideal placement, for but often if the ceilings in your home are not high then place the as away as possible from the front main speakers.


  1. Dolby Atmos Speakers: Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers help deliver height and immersion to utilize their full potential they should be placed at 14 feet along a acoustically reflective ceiling