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Go Screenless with a HD Projector on Discount for PrimeCables’ 5th Anniversary Sale

Go from a flat-screen to a screenless projector and take your home entertainment game to the next level. For so many Canadians, they’ve never thought about what it would be like to make the switch from a flat-screen TV to a projector. After all, HD flat-screens can be absolutely gorgeous albeit very expensive. Today’s models are far less bulky than…

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Where to Find Instruments and Audiophile Accessories in Canada?

Check out a premiere selection of musical instruments accessories in Canada right here at PrimeCables! If you’re a guitar player, you never want to leave the house without your guitar strap or an extra pick. We got you covered. If you’re a vocalist, you want to know your vocal is going to come out clear on the recording so you…

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How to Install, Configure and Place Speakers Seamlessly?

With the enhanced technology options available for a luxurious entertainment surround sound speakers are available in many variations. However to be able to experience the full potential of your surround sound speakers placement and configuration play a very vital role. Follow through the recommendations below to utilize the complete potential of your speakers. For more information about home theater accessories,…

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