For Cheaper Cat 6 Ethernet Cables in Canada, visit Prime Cables


Prime Cables has a wide selection of affordable, cheap Cat 6 Ethernet cables on sale today. Please feel encouraged to browse our selection here. For Canadian homes who are still using Cat 5 or Cat 5e cables and who are looking to upgrade, now is time. There are many advantages to using Cat 6 cables for your Ethernet home network. Here are just a few of them!


Double your Available Bandwidth

The average data transfer of a Cat 6 cable is more than double the average for a Cat 5 cable. In an Ethernet cable, with a Cat 6 cable, this can range as high as 10,000 megabits/second.

Better Safety Margins

Bandwidth limitations or related issues with the Cat 5 cables have been eliminated with the design of the Cat 6 cable.

Cat 6 Cables are compatible with Cat 5 Cables

As it pertains to these types of upgrades, many people worry about compatibility issues on their Ethernet networks. There’s no need to worry with Cat 6 cables as they have been designed to be backwards-compatible with Cat 5 cables.


With Cat 6, you’re looking to the future

By installing Cat 6 cables today, you are preventing yourself from having to update the entire network within a decade. Whether this is a home or business network, there will come a time in the future when your system begins to lag or where there become issues with a Cat 5 cable setup, if not already. Transitioning to a Cat 6 infrastructure may be costly down the line so if you have the opportunity to install that same infrastructure today, do it.

Cheap Ethernet Cat 6 cables have never been easier to find than at Prime Cables. As technology evolves, changes, and adapts, we have always prided ourselves on being on the cutting edge.

As data capacity continues to push out its limitations and with more processing power than ever before, take advantage of Cat 6 cable technology here. Many experts have predicted that data production will have increased by 44 times in 2020 compared to towards the beginning of the decade. The type and amount of data in your network is constantly growing. The cable you use plays a huge role in being able to meet and exceed these data requests. For a dependable Cat 6 cable that you know is not going to drop out when things get heavy, visit Prime Cables.

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