How to Set Up your First Home Theatre System with Accessories on a Cheap Budget before Black Friday!

Black Friday Sale 2018 is coming, it is easier than it’s ever been to set up a home theatre system with accessories in your home. If you are looking to do it on the cheap but without sacrificing quality in accessories, this can be a challenge. Browsing through corporate stores, the prices they put on some of those accessories are high!

PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd
PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deals start on Nov 23rd

If this is your first home theatre system, it’s important to not go over budget on your purchases. The only way to do this is to do some investigative work into what exactly you will need for your setup and how much it’s going to be. By knowing what items you want and where you can save the most money, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your home theatre experience.


Everyone is different in what they want from their home theatre system. Check out the Prime Cables home theatre system graphic to get a grasp of your options. Many people choose to go with a projector which can be somewhat cheaper than having to buy a TV and to accommodate it with accessories.


That said, there are more people who prefer to have a television due to the better picture quality as well as the visual aesthetic that it brings. Choosing the right Blu-Ray player, DVD player, or a receiver is also a key decision that needs to be made when setting up your first home theatre system.


Living in the twenty-first century also comes with its share of accessory options that weren’t there before. For example, do you want your home theatre system to be compatible and/or connected with a computer – many would say yes to that. Do you want your system to be able to receive video from your mobile phone – you might want this feature. Do you require headphones – for those late nights when everyone else is asleep, you may be wishing you had them. Also, are you a gamer – trying to coordinate which input is going towards your computer, then towards your game console, and then towards anything needs to be something you think about.


Use this as your guide. Decide what you need when it comes to video cables (i.e. HDMI cables, VGA & SVGA cables, DVI cables, and/or component video cables); audio cables (i.e. RCA audio cables, speaker wires, optical toslink audio cables, digital coaxial audio cables, and/or 3.5MM audio cables); smartphone and tablet cables (MFI cables, android phone charging cables, and/or sync cables); network cables; game consoles; and any additional devices or accessories (i.e. projector mount, TV mount, A/V splitters, A/V switches, speaker systems, and/or routers).

Visit Prime Cables to get an idea on pricing, home theatre accessories, and how to best set up your home theatre system.

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