PrimeCables Exclusive: : A Better Laser Distance Tool for your Home

253ab-PrimeCables-Cab-CP40C-Tools-Testers-Digital-Handheld-Laser-Distance-Measurer-40-Meter-131Feet-PrimeCables-.pngTechnology has provided the average consumer with many advantages and opportunities to replace old ways of doing things. In the home, measuring distance in the past, for example, was easy. Take out the good ol’ measuring tape, try to get it to remain straight as you measure, and do your best not to have an accident happen where it nabs your finger. There’s nothing wrong with this method per se. There are just more efficient ways of accomplishing distance measure.


A digital handheld laser distance measure provides an easy, creative way to replace your tape measure. A better laser distance tool for your home, this digital handheld device can capture distances up to 131 feet, giving you all the information you need on a large LCD digital display.


Available for only $28.99, at a significant discount over its market price of $78.89, the price is not the only reason you should consider making a purchase today. Quite unlike a tape measure, using a laser distance tool provides you length, area, volume, and even Pythagorean within a matter of seconds. It is very easy to use and additionally, it’s far more accurate than eyeing it with a tape measure. Pocket-sized and lightweight, this laser distance tool is a really cool addition to your home tools. For the tech handyman who wants a little more out of their tape measure, choosing this laser distance tool for your home is the way to go.


Among the applications that a laser distance measuring tool has, it can be used for wires and pipelines; the installation of electrical equipment; to frame wood furniture; to hang mirrors, cabinets, and shelves accurately; to install ceiling fans and chandeliers; to find electric boxes, rebar, and other items; to find metallic pipes in concrete; to trace hot wires behind the ceiling, floor, and wall; in general construction, renovation, and interior decorating; and to install windows and doors.


Anyone who is interested in DIY, interior design, or renovation, using a digital distance tool can provide you with some added support that a tape measure can’t. It’s making your job easier and is a technology that can’t be beat in this space. Choosing the Digital Handheld Laser Distance Measure, 40 Meter (131Feet)-PrimeCables® will help keep things easy and stress-free. Enjoy this new piece of tech, and all the bells and whistles that come with it. It’s as easy as the click of a mouse and at $28.99, the price can’t be beat anywhere!

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