3 Reasons why you Should Check out PrimeCables.ca for Smart Home Accessories



This year, smart home accessories are on track to have their biggest year yet. As more Canadians come to exploring the world of smart home accessories, we are doing what we can to be at the forefront of ongoing smart home product development. For all of your smart home accessory needs, here are three reasons why you should visit the Prime Cables catalogue.


#1 – Selection


Prime Cables’ selection of smart home accessories is always growing. Browse through all-in-one home automation controller and smart home kits, lighting and appliances, smart locks and door bells, monitoring applications and motion sensors, and security and access accessories.


Among our top sellers are the Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 for $19.99, a Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack for $32.99, and a (3 Pack )LED Motion Sensor Night Light lamp rechargeable with flashlight PrimeCables® for $34.99. The long list of smart home accessories are worth a browse and if you don’t end up going with an all-in-one smart home pack, we recommend mixing and matching the products you want for your home. Nowhere else will you find a selection like this!


#2 – Pricing


A big advantage of buying smart home accessories online through Prime Cables is that it saves you money. We don’t go through no corporate retailer. We cut out the middle man and pass the savings onto everyday Canadians. When it comes to smart home products, costs add up quickly. By using Prime Cables, you can save hundreds of dollars in the long-term building a personalized smart home with everything you need. Instituting buyer-friendly pricing has meant a growing reputation in the smart home accessory marketplace as the place to be. Don’t miss out!


Though smart home is still early in its development, the kind of consumer products that are already on market are super impressive. As these product lines continue to grow, Prime Cables looks ahead on ways we can cut down on pricing, ensuring that Canadians have the opportunity to purchase some of the most amazing smart home accessories out there.


#3 – Free Shipping


Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The expensive nature of many smart home accessories means that picking up two or three items should get you over the $49 threshold easy.


This year is looking to be the year of the smart home, when automated tech in the home goes wide. For when you’re in the market to pick up some impressive smart home gadgets, visit Prime Cables.

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