Build up your Home Music Studio on a Budget by Choosing Prime Cables’ Instrument Accessories

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Building a home music studio on a budget, even with the most luck a builder could have, is still going to be a hefty cost. Just think of everything you need to get a recording studio up and going. That said, having a small recording studio professionally done up can be a big asset for any musician or individual who needs it. This way, you get the freedom to create while having the opportunity to document everything. Complete recordings on your own schedule and have that flexibility.


At Prime Cables, we understand the value of keeping costs low, especially in the face of how expensive quality musical instruments are. So when it comes to smaller instrument accessories, know that we stand among the top Canadian marketplaces offering deals you won’t find anywhere else.


No matter what genre of music you play or what instrument you’ve mastered, we’ve got accessories that any audiophile would gush over. For example, you can never have one too many music stands. For the least expensive set, prices start at $11.49. Then again, maybe you want a music stand and an adjustable mic stand for your acoustic guitar as well. No worries there, pick up the PrimeCables® 26-Inch To 56-Inch Adjustable Heavy Duty Tripod Microphone and Music Note Stand for $34.99. In addition to these, we have headphone stand hangers, adjustable height speaker stands, clamps and cables of all varieties, a mix of guitar amps and pedals, microphones and accessories such as clips and filters, and let’s not forget stage lights and performance gear.


It has never been cheaper to get involved in home recording. The nature of digital recording means that almost anyone can nail down a high quality track. Don’t let a limited budget hold you back.


By building your home music studio through Prime Cables, you can save literally hundreds of dollars while still getting great quality gear and accessories. For those working within a budget, it’s still possible to have a good home studio that you can depend on. The basics to a home studio lie in the Prime Cables catalogue and throughout the past decade, we’ve helped numerous Canadians build up their inventory. Every year, we’ve had the pleasure of growing our home music studio accessory category, adding in the latest tech and trendiest items. When selecting headphones, monitors, microphones, and accessories, there’s only one name you need to remember – Prime Cables.

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