How to Pick your Monitor Desk Mount with Ease

How to choose monitor desk mount from PrimeCables
How to choose monitor desk mount from PrimeCables

Monitor desk mounts in Canada come in all shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to know what the right choice for your setup is.

When it comes to selecting a monitor desk mount, the first step is in knowing the space that you’re working with and what its purpose will be. For example, a smaller space may only be able to accommodate two smaller monitors, in which case you will want to decide the best place for a single or dual desk mount. Ideally, when deciding where to place a monitor desk mount, it comes down to the space on the desk as well as what you’re working with in the room. To the second point, understanding the purpose of your monitor desk mount may also suggest what type you require. For example, a gamer has a little more leeway in where they can place a monitor desk mount as long as it is facing them and their controller. An audio engineer however will require monitors to be placed in a certain place, configured to their existing audio recording setup.


For 1 screen

If you’re looking to set up a small single monitor with a monitor desk mount, the easiest option available is this Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand /For 1 LCD Screen up to 27” for $25.99. If you’ve never used a monitor desk mount before and only have one LCD screen to mount, you won’t find a better choice at this price point.

For 2 dual screen


If there are two monitors you want to set up then the recommended selection comes with this Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ for $49.99 (originally priced to market at $189.74). In Prime Cables’ monitor desk mount category, this is one of our biggest sellers and comes with full 360 degree rotation, a 180 degree swivel, and a 45 degree tilting angle for any viewing perspective. Among the more diverse options, this monitor desk mount can be used for general office use, audio engineering, gaming, home theater systems, and more.

For 3 screens 

Let’s say you’re working with three screens. Can you actually mount three screens on an individual monitor desk mount – yes, actually. Choose the Triple Screen Desktop Mount for 10”-30” Two sided mounts Swivel ±90° for $49.99 (originally priced to market at $134.59).

As evidenced, when it comes to selecting a monitor desk mount, there are several options to browse. Please feel encouraged to check out all of the Prime Cables’ monitor desk mount category and to choose the one right for you.

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