How to Safely Hang a New TV using a TV Wall Mount

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So you’ve decided to buy yourself a new TV and you’re looking to mount it on the wall now. By using a TV wall mount, you not only create a more immersive viewing experience for you and your family, but you also reduce clutter in the room by eliminating the table a TV would traditionally be on. That said, it is integral that a TV wall mount is properly installed and that a TV is appropriately positioned. When a TV wall mount is not installed correctly, a homeowner runs the risk of their TV falling to the floor and/or injuring a family member.


Safety is key when it comes to installing a TV wall mount. According to a recent 2017 report, every year, emergency rooms in the United States see approximately 30,700 people for injuries related to falling TVs, furniture, and appliances. The first step to ensuring that you or one of your family members does not end up in that statistic is by deciding where in the room a TV wall mount is best suited. Consider where the studs are and consult any instructions that come with your mount. Newer homes typically have walls with sheetrock, making an installation easy once the studs are found. That said, older homes with plaster or brick walls can be a little trickier. If you are working with a plaster or brick wall, you may need to hire a professional to install your TV wall mount somewhere where there’s not a risk of it tearing your wall.


Prior to installing, ensure that you have all the tools required to get the job done. The last thing you want is having to leave when the mount or TV is partially installed to get a tool. At Prime Cables, the TV wall mounts we sell are equipped with instructions and everything required to perform installation yourself making the job easy to complete. For TV wall mounts from other locations though, always ensure that you are receiving the instructions with clear indicators of what is required to perform an installation.


Finally, when the TV is up, make sure it is properly secured. If you give the TV a little bit of a shake, make sure it is stable enough to remain on the mount. If there’s a risk of the TV falling when a door opens or when a gust of wind comes through the window, this is not going to work.


If the instructions are clear and you approach TV wall mount installation with a safety-centered mindset, there shouldn’t be any conflict in setting up your mount. Take the time you need to complete the mount installation, position the TV in the mount, check for stability, and enjoy!


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