The 10 Best TV Antennas to Buy in 2018

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Here’s PrimeCables’ exclusive list on the top 10 best TV antennas to buy in 2018. Depending on whether you want indoor or outdoor, how much your budget is, and how much reach you want, any of these options might appeal to you.


To begin with, there’s the Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 which offers some of the strongest signal reception at its price point and is as easy as just plugging it in. Among the latest releases in the digital TV antenna category, there’s the SKYTV indoor amplified digital TV antenna which comes with a fifty-mile range and with shows up to 1080p in quality. If you’re in an area with poor reception and are seeking an indoor TV antenna, you might want to go with something along the lines of the Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A.


Then, there are other considerations you may make when searching for the best TV antenna. If you’re on a tight budget but still want an HDTV antenna, the 1byone Indoor Amplified TV Antenna is a strong buy. If you are looking to install an outdoor TV antenna but are in an area where reception may be poor, the Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna is recommended. If aesthetic design is important, the Mohu Curve 30 TV Antenna is going to be a big trend for the next year.


There are also plenty of other high quality, medium-to-low cost items that make our list of best TV antennas in 2018, including the RCA ultra-thin, indoor amplified HDTV antenna. If you’re looking to get the longest range possible from a TV antenna, the ClearStream 2MAX UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV antenna is a little expensive but the extra investment goes a long way. Nab more channels, indoor or outdoor as you see fit, and receive reliable HD signals even in rural areas where procuring such might be a challenge.


Searching for the best TV antennas to buy in 2018, we find, is a search usually limited by how much one has to spend. Admittedly, buying a TV antenna is a bit of a gamble when you don’t what channels you have at our disposal, where the best location in or outside your home is to test it, and what signal strength works best. For anyone seeking an affordable option, there are less expensive items such as the slim and compact Digital TV Antenna Digiwave BMX Innovative Super Flat-Digiwave for $14.99 or the PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF 65-mile range for $19.99.


These are the TV antennas that made our list for the best of 2018. For the best combination of features in accordance with your priorities and preferences, be sure to browse through the availability for more information on specific TV antenna models.

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