PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost


The PrimeCables’ Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Boost is an exclusive item only available through PrimeCables’ online catalogue. For a limited time only, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on this item and receive it all at the low price of $89.99.

For over a decade, Canadians have been coming to PrimeCables seeking products just like this battery booster and phone charger. Corporate retailers have done well pricing such items lower than mom-and-pop shops. For specialty products such as this portable care jump starter battery booster, companies like Prime Cables have been able to bring prices even lower. Nowhere else in Canada will consumers find a battery booster and phone charger at this price. With free shipping included, we know this deal is hard to pass up. Better yet, buy today and receive the 4-in-1 USB charging cable as a gift – set with the latest technology, USB-A to Mini-USB/Micro-USB/Lightning/Apple-30 pin. Powerful and compact, and with a smart charging port built into the design, the high quality performance of this product is in part responsible for its high customer ratings.

8b2a4-PrimeCables-Cab-K09S-12000-Tools-Testers-12000mAh-Portable-Car-Jump-Starter-Battery-Booster-and-Phone-Charger-wit-PrimeCables-.jpgFor when you need a car jump starter, having one on hand can be a huge blessing. The PrimeCables model has a 500A peak current output, and the capability to start a 3.0L and lower gas engine, or a 2.5 L and lower diesel turbine of 12V. The LED flashlight function means that if it needs to be used after the sun’s gone down, you’re still covered. Bonus, as a mobile power bank, a driver can use it to help charge devices and as a power source to go to in emergencies. Charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, and whatever you need. Compact and lightweight, if there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s this car jump starter battery boost’s performance.

Don’t be stuck out in an emergency without a battery car jump starter. There might not always be someone there to help you. When you’re on your own, you’ll be thankful for this portable emergency battery car jump starter. For more information, feel free to check the user reviews. Equipped with everything you need to start your vehicle, and with the ability to fully charge smartphones and other mobile devices, we are proud to have this model in our catalogue. We hope Canadian consumers are just as impressed with this car jump starter battery boost as we are.

As it pertains to PrimeCables products, every order comes with a 1-year guarantee and free returns. Buy the PrimeCables portable car jump starter battery boost product to receive one of the highest quality items in this category.

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