An HDMI Guide on how to Select the Right HDMI Cable for your Use

Buy hdmi cable cheap but nice at PrimeCables
Buy hdmi cable cheap but nice at PrimeCables

Choosing the correct HDMI cable for your home entertainment setup may not seem like such a difficult decision however there are a number of different variations that you may want to consider.


To begin with, you have the more basic standard HDMI cables which function perfectly alright in this category. Buying premium standard HDMI cables from PrimeCables, prices start from $3.99. Receive high-speed, high quality HDMI cables at a fraction of the cost you would pay for it in-store. For Canadian households that do not need anything fancy, this is definitely the recommended option.


Then, there are the flexible HDMI cables which facilitate flexible connection at multiple angles. Starting at only $5.49 from PrimeCables, flexible HDMI cables work great in tight spaces such as wall mounting and/or if you need more protection for internal ports. For use in-wall, there are also HDMI cables wrapped in CL2 rating jackets which allow for a slower burn, beginning at $3.99 from PrimeCables. If you’re looking for a bargain bin price on in-wall HDMI cables, we are more than confident that we have the best prices in Canada. Be sure to browse if you are seeking something for safe use inside and/or through the walls of general residential buildings.


Beyond these options, there are our two most popular options in the HDMI category. In terms of performance, there is no HDMI cable that performs better than our HDMI 2.0 for 4K video, which is priced starting from $8.49. Supporting 4K video at 60 HZ, for those of us seeking to upgrade home entertainment systems and/or if you’re looking for the most advanced cable at the most reasonable price point, a strong argument can be made to buy this HDMI cable.


In terms of popularity, easily one of the most favored HDMI cables in Canada is the Nylon jacket protection model which starts at $9.99 exclusively through PrimeCables. See one of our best-selling cables with its superior performance, high reliability for extended usage, and a Nylon shielding that ensures no pets are going to chew through it and that it will fend off the damage that other cables are prone to. Many of our customers come to us seeking HDMI cables with stronger exterior protection. For anyone searching, we recommend starting with Nylon jacket protection as it is easily one of the most price-friendly options in this category.


Thus, how to select the right HDMI cable comes down to how you intend to use it. Be in private or public application, you may prefer HDMI 2.0 for 4K video, HDMI with Nylon jacket protection, a specialized version of the cable for use in-wall or flexibility, or the more basic version. Shop with PrimeCables today for more information on the specifications and advantages to each.

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