Buy a Wireless Smart Indoor Security Camera for less than $40 Bucks


Indoor security cameras have seen an uptick in interest from Canadian households interested in having more oversight over their properties. Smart home accessories such as these types of cameras come across a range of price points. Sometimes it is unclear precisely what justifies a higher price point for some of these camera and at times, it can be unclear what indoor security camera option makes the most sense in terms of making a smart, affordable decision.


Buying a high quality wireless smart indoor security camera for under $40 can be difficult to find. That said, this Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack is available through PrimeCables exclusively for $32.99. High quality and the recipient of five-star reviews, easily manage this smart indoor security camera through the use of your smartphone. Pair it with your existing smart home devices and security system, and enjoy the advantages of having a high quality security camera like this with features like WiFi P2P IP, speaker, night vision, baby monitor functions, and more.


The Orvibo brand is one of Canada’s top names in indoor smart home accessories. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce smart home accessories marketplace, PrimeCables chooses only the best products to offer consumers. We are more than happy to include the Orvibo branded security camera for all of its many benefits. Capture 720p high-definition video recording, featuring real-time video and 2-way audio support ensuring an easy way to communicate with family from anywhere in the world. The night-vision functions, human body detection, and malfunction alarm have also received a fair bit of attention from Canadian consumers as well.


The amount of smart home devices in Canadian homes is expected to triple in quantity within the next two years. Indoor smart security cameras are no doubt among the first few devices many households have on their list as necessities. At PrimeCables, we understand the value in smart home security and the importance placed on performance. There’s no reason to sacrifice performance in favor of a low price. Via this Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack for $32.99, you get some of the lowest pricing in Canada and still receive an amazing, immersive smart security video experience.


Buy today, and receive a 1-year guarantee and free returns. Browse some of PrimeCables other smart home security devices and should your order exceed $49, receive fast, fast free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The Orvibo-branded internet-connected indoor security cameras continue to sell in record numbers throughout Canada. At PrimeCables, we are happy to play a key role in bringing high quality products like this to market.

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