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Did you know the best CCTV kits are now available at Right now, you can get the brand new PrimeCables® Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR Digital Recorder for just $299.99, including free shipping nationwide.


It’s absolutely loaded with features!


It’s an all-in-one high-tech 1080p High Definition camera surveillance system with iOS/Android App for remote monitoring. The four IP66 Waterproof fixed Bullet cameras are temperature and weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations alike.


If you’re ready to get technical, here’s the full scoop:


Monitor your private property with these reliable 1080p High Definition surveillance cameras. Rest assured in its HD quality video, that allows you to distinguish and identify the faces or license plates of trespassers.


Switch it up into 720p mode to capture video at a flawless 30 frames-per-second frame rate! Although lower definition than 1080p, if you’re trying to capture reliable footage of motion or property damage, then the 30fps option is right for you.


Each of the PrimeCables® bullet security cameras is equipped with a wide 90°-angle lens to record a completely square perspective perfect for monitoring large open areas and enclosed spaces.


The RG59 Siamese BNC cable transmits video and power through one simple connection between your security cameras, power and DVR. You can install these cameras up to 800 feet away from the DVR, making for a flexible setup, especially to cover a large property.


These security cameras are designed to function through even the worst weather conditions, because they’re IP66-rated, meaning they’re appropriate for both indoor and outdoor installations. They operate without hazard or interruption in extreme Canadian temperatures as low as -30°C. The lightweight bullet polycarbonate housings render these cameras virtually completely vandal-proof and suitable for DIY setup to achieve 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring.


Enough of the jargon, here’s what the bundle includes:

1 PrimeCables® 4-Channel 1080P High Resolution XVR Digital CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Recorder

1 Quick Installation Guide

4 PrimeCables® 1080P Sony CMOS Sensor Outdoor IP66 Waterproof CVBS/CVI/TVI/AHD CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras with wall mountable bracket

4 Drill Template for on-wall installation

4 Screw kit and tools for on-wall installation

1 Power Adapter (100-240V AC 50-60Hz Input, DV 12V 5000mA Output)

1 US/North American-style Plug Power Cord

4 30ft Siamese (Power+ BNC Video) Cable

1 Remote (2 AAA-size battery not included

1 Optical Mouse


For all your CCTV needs, personal or private, check us out online today at!

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