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Have You Thought About a Security Camera System For Your Home – Buy the Best!

Especially if there are spans of time when nobody’s home or if you live alone, you can’t always trust your property’s protected. When you’re not there and there’s no supervision, there’s a risk. It’s somewhat sad that this is the age we’re living in but there’s been accounts of break-ins, robberies, and even people grabbing packages from a front door.…

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The Best CCTV Kits in Canada at!

Did you know the best CCTV kits are now available at Right now, you can get the brand new PrimeCables® Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR Digital Recorder for just $299.99, including free shipping nationwide.   It’s absolutely loaded with features!   It’s an all-in-one high-tech 1080p High Definition camera surveillance system with…

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The Best Indoor Security Cameras and Smart Home Accessories for under $50

Home security cameras are a great investment for Canadian properties far and wide. By employing carefully placed security cameras, watch vulnerable spots and maintain protection. For anyone concerned about burglaries and/or vandalism, or wanting to keep an eye on kids when no one’s home, or to oversee the behaviour of pets while they’re away, these are some of the reasons…

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The Best All-in-One Smart Home Devices to Enhance your Home Security

Smart home devices can enhance your home security, but the hardware is often retailed as separate pieces, and the boxes covered in jargon; if you’ve been frazzled combining components at the shop, look no further than the LivingWise smart home solution! Available now on, the LivingWise home security devices are sold separately and in bundles, to save you the…

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Buy a Wireless Smart Indoor Security Camera for less than $40 Bucks

Indoor security cameras have seen an uptick in interest from Canadian households interested in having more oversight over their properties. Smart home accessories such as these types of cameras come across a range of price points. Sometimes it is unclear precisely what justifies a higher price point for some of these camera and at times, it can be unclear what…

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