Have You Thought About a Security Camera System For Your Home – Buy the Best!

Especially if there are spans of time when nobody’s home or if you live alone, you can’t always trust your property’s protected. When you’re not there and there’s no supervision, there’s a risk. It’s somewhat sad that this is the age we’re living in but there’s been accounts of break-ins, robberies, and even people grabbing packages from a front door. It’s better to be safe with security and peace of mind than without.

A great way to control one’s security is through video monitoring or a series of cameras. For ongoing security, you can’t just use any camera either. You need specific security cameras, preferably with 1080p high-definition quality video so that activity on-screen can be easily deciphered and night vision. These are two points you want to remember when shopping for a security camera system.

If you’re in the market, why not try Canada’s own PrimeCables’ 4-camera security system? Cameras are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, weatherproof, can operate in extreme temperatures be it hot or cold, and have night vision. The latter’s particularly advantageous because it allows you to see overnight and ensure everything’s safe from the comfort of your smartphone. That’s right, because it’s an integrated security camera system, it all connects wirelessly to your smartphone allowing you to check in any time, anywhere.

In Canada, there are more than 370,000 household burglaries every year. Although robberies overall have been decreasing for some time year to year, they still happen. According to an estimate given in 2011, the average dollar value of what’s stolen is approximately $2,100. Thankfully, as technology’s advanced, the setup of cameras and other devices have made it easier than ever to protect a property from intruders and in the event of a robbery, have proof and evidence physically showing the crime.

Night vision camera

24/7 security cameras accessible via your smartphone are hooked up to a 1 TB hard drive. Everything’s recorded. As night vision security cameras, day or night, you can check in on your property any time. Also, when you buy from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping on your 4-camera system security camera purchase. Home security can get quite complicated and needless to say, quite expensive as well. For homeowners just getting started or working on a budget, there’s no need to sign up with a professional home security company when a security system like this exists. It’s contract-free and a one-time expense. Completely affordable, build your own home security system at PrimeCables.ca.

The Best CCTV Kits in Canada at PrimeCables.ca!

Did you know the best CCTV kits are now available at PrimeCables.ca? Right now, you can get the brand new PrimeCables® Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR Digital Recorder for just $299.99, including free shipping nationwide.


It’s absolutely loaded with features!


It’s an all-in-one high-tech 1080p High Definition camera surveillance system with iOS/Android App for remote monitoring. The four IP66 Waterproof fixed Bullet cameras are temperature and weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations alike.


If you’re ready to get technical, here’s the full scoop:


Monitor your private property with these reliable 1080p High Definition surveillance cameras. Rest assured in its HD quality video, that allows you to distinguish and identify the faces or license plates of trespassers.


Switch it up into 720p mode to capture video at a flawless 30 frames-per-second frame rate! Although lower definition than 1080p, if you’re trying to capture reliable footage of motion or property damage, then the 30fps option is right for you.


Each of the PrimeCables® bullet security cameras is equipped with a wide 90°-angle lens to record a completely square perspective perfect for monitoring large open areas and enclosed spaces.


The RG59 Siamese BNC cable transmits video and power through one simple connection between your security cameras, power and DVR. You can install these cameras up to 800 feet away from the DVR, making for a flexible setup, especially to cover a large property.


These security cameras are designed to function through even the worst weather conditions, because they’re IP66-rated, meaning they’re appropriate for both indoor and outdoor installations. They operate without hazard or interruption in extreme Canadian temperatures as low as -30°C. The lightweight bullet polycarbonate housings render these cameras virtually completely vandal-proof and suitable for DIY setup to achieve 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring.


Enough of the jargon, here’s what the bundle includes:

1 PrimeCables® 4-Channel 1080P High Resolution XVR Digital CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Recorder

1 Quick Installation Guide

4 PrimeCables® 1080P Sony CMOS Sensor Outdoor IP66 Waterproof CVBS/CVI/TVI/AHD CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras with wall mountable bracket

4 Drill Template for on-wall installation

4 Screw kit and tools for on-wall installation

1 Power Adapter (100-240V AC 50-60Hz Input, DV 12V 5000mA Output)

1 US/North American-style Plug Power Cord

4 30ft Siamese (Power+ BNC Video) Cable

1 Remote (2 AAA-size battery not included

1 Optical Mouse


For all your CCTV needs, personal or private, check us out online today at PrimeCables.ca!

The Best Indoor Security Cameras and Smart Home Accessories for under $50

Home security cameras are a great investment for Canadian properties far and wide. By employing carefully placed security cameras, watch vulnerable spots and maintain protection. For anyone concerned about burglaries and/or vandalism, or wanting to keep an eye on kids when no one’s home, or to oversee the behaviour of pets while they’re away, these are some of the reasons consumers have come to PrimeCables seeking affordable indoor security solutions.


Keeping things safe and comfortable in the home is a product market that has long been exploited. Stoking fear in Canadian households has meant companies overcharging consumers on home security products. Since the smart home accessory revolution began in the last few years, prices have fallen tremendously on numerous products. For inexpensive home indoor security cameras and other smart home accessories, you can find plenty from PrimeCables.


Buy the no-hub required Smart Security Camera for Indoor 720p Night Vision w/ Speaker – LivingWise – 2/Pack for $37.99. Use it for home security, as a functioning baby monitor camera, and/or tap into its night vision. Features include supporting 720p high-definition video recording, human body detection, a malfunction alarm, and real-time video accessibility via smartphone. There’s also 2-way audio support included with this security camera which is great news for anyone seeking to communicate with individuals on the other end. Anytime and from anywhere in the world, this feature alone at this price point is why so many prefer this model in comparison to others.


There are other inexpensive and affordable smart home accessories you may wish to pick up, such as the S31 WiFi Smart Socket Gray – Smart Phone App Online Controllable – LivingWise for $14.99, the Motion Sensor for Smart Home system (LivingWise Zigbee Hub Required) – LivingWise for $14.99, and the Door/Window Sensor for Smart Home system (LivingWise Zigbee Hub Required) – LivingWise for $14.99.


Most of the smart home security options offered through PrimeCables can be paired with a smartphone app. So no matter where you are, you’ll have access to alerts and be able to check the safety of your home while you’re on the go. Don’t let high prices of other brands keep you from enjoying amazing smart home accessories from today’s smartest eCommerce source.


Buy from PrimeCables and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Security cameras shouldn’t cost so much and we know that. Shop with PrimeCables to maximize your dollar and see high value security at a fraction of the cost.

The Best All-in-One Smart Home Devices to Enhance your Home Security

Smart home devices can enhance your home security, but the hardware is often retailed as separate pieces, and the boxes covered in jargon; if you’ve been frazzled combining components at the shop, look no further than the LivingWise smart home solution!

livewise smart home accessories
livewise smart home accessories

Available now on PrimeCables.ca, the LivingWise home security devices are sold separately and in bundles, to save you the headache of setting up your very own first-time smart home security system.

livingsmart security camera system
livingsmart security camera system

You can combine any number of solutions to give you an affordable, independent security to your property, including window and door sensors, motion sensors, smart cameras, and smart electrical sockets. Everything you need to protect your house and home is available now, with all products eligible for free and fast shipping options!


Check out the impressive features of the LivingWise Smart Security Camera. This 720p motion-activated device has P2P Wi-Fi connectability, to stream directly to your smartphone in a private and secure manner whatever is going on in your home or office. It has two-way audio for security surveillance, night-vision, recording and an alarm equipped for malfunctions.


It’s one of the safest ways to monitor your residence when away from home or the office, and can even function as a monitor for your baby or pet. The camera detects human bodies and can send a text message to your phone if it is tampered with in any way. Boasting a 113-degree field of view, a six metres distance of sight, and recording at 30 frames-per-second, this smart security camera is the only solution you’ll need to wirelessly capture and stream what’s going on when you’re not around. At just $32.99, this is the one of the most cost-effective A/V home security solution available to homeowners, and order a 2-pack, for just $59.99, and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.


You can also order the Smart Security Camera in a variety of combo packages, for example, one camera and two motion sensors, for $99.99, that will tell you if your windows or doors are being entered while you’re away from home; you can also get the camera and smart socket set, for just $49.99, which comes with a Wi-Fi controlled electrical socket so you can turn on/off any devices remotely in your home or office from your smartphone.


All these smart home solutions are DIY-style installations, which can be accessed and controlled through the LivingWise app available for iPhone and Android. If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your home security, do it in style with LivingWise smart home solutions!

Buy a Wireless Smart Indoor Security Camera for less than $40 Bucks


Indoor security cameras have seen an uptick in interest from Canadian households interested in having more oversight over their properties. Smart home accessories such as these types of cameras come across a range of price points. Sometimes it is unclear precisely what justifies a higher price point for some of these camera and at times, it can be unclear what indoor security camera option makes the most sense in terms of making a smart, affordable decision.


Buying a high quality wireless smart indoor security camera for under $40 can be difficult to find. That said, this Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack is available through PrimeCables exclusively for $32.99. High quality and the recipient of five-star reviews, easily manage this smart indoor security camera through the use of your smartphone. Pair it with your existing smart home devices and security system, and enjoy the advantages of having a high quality security camera like this with features like WiFi P2P IP, speaker, night vision, baby monitor functions, and more.


The Orvibo brand is one of Canada’s top names in indoor smart home accessories. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce smart home accessories marketplace, PrimeCables chooses only the best products to offer consumers. We are more than happy to include the Orvibo branded security camera for all of its many benefits. Capture 720p high-definition video recording, featuring real-time video and 2-way audio support ensuring an easy way to communicate with family from anywhere in the world. The night-vision functions, human body detection, and malfunction alarm have also received a fair bit of attention from Canadian consumers as well.


The amount of smart home devices in Canadian homes is expected to triple in quantity within the next two years. Indoor smart security cameras are no doubt among the first few devices many households have on their list as necessities. At PrimeCables, we understand the value in smart home security and the importance placed on performance. There’s no reason to sacrifice performance in favor of a low price. Via this Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack for $32.99, you get some of the lowest pricing in Canada and still receive an amazing, immersive smart security video experience.


Buy today, and receive a 1-year guarantee and free returns. Browse some of PrimeCables other smart home security devices and should your order exceed $49, receive fast, fast free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The Orvibo-branded internet-connected indoor security cameras continue to sell in record numbers throughout Canada. At PrimeCables, we are happy to play a key role in bringing high quality products like this to market.