When Will you Need an HDMI to DVI Cable?

hdmi cable to dvi
hdmi cable to dvi

For Canadian households and professional environments where devices, computers, and/or monitors have DVI-only outputs, an HDMI to DVI cable is a great way to upgrade an audio-visual system. Among the top technology resources in an entertainment and visual setup, HDMI adapters and cables such as these are integral to updating to the latest tech.


Though HDMI is one of the most advanced standards in consumer cables, numerous pieces of technology still require DVI connectors and have DVI outputs. There are only two solutions to this conundrum. There’s either having to buy an adapter or using a cable, such as an HDMI to DVI cable. Buying an HDMI to DVI cable keeps things simple and saves you from having to find a place for a bulky cable.


In the past decade, PrimeCables has sold hundreds upon hundreds of our HDMI to DVI cables. Throughout this time, they have been used in small-scale settings such as for home entertainment and personal entertainment use, in addition to larger scale presentations such as in churches and worship spaces, conference rooms, lecture halls, and similar settings. In these contexts, HDMI signals are required to be transmitted from computers to displays. That is not always an easy task when one considers the different ports and connectors required. Therefore, an HDMI to DVI cable makes connecting audio-visual signals easy, supporting a range of different uses.


Browse cables such as these today with PrimeCables, one of Canada’s top cable marketplaces. Buying an HDMI to DVI cable will mean you have it when you need it most. For any setting where a DVI-only output is present, these cables will come in handy.


Among our top sellers in this category, these include a 6ft HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High-Speed Bi-Directional Cable for $4.99, a 3ft HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High-Speed Bi-Directional Cable for $3.99, and a 15ft HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High Speed Cable – Black for $7.99. When you buy HDMI to DVI cables such as these, you will receive a 1-year product quality guarantee and free returns included. Even better, when a customer combines different items on an order exceeding $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


For any DVI device environment, where high-resolution HDMI signals are preferred, buying an HDMI to DVI cable will accomplish everything you expect it will. Transmit audio-visuals easy between devices and receive one of the highest quality cables in this category, available exclusively at deep price cuts with PrimeCables.

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