How to use an HDMI Cable to connect your Laptop to your TV

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Cutting the cord is a major trend in Canada that no cable company or television channel really wants to talk about. They are losing customers left and right to Canadians who are using methods like connecting their laptop to their TVs. Think of all the amazing content available through the Internet i.e. HBO Canada, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and more.


Thanks to HDMI technology, you don’t have to watch all of your shows, movies, sports, and more only on your laptop. Hook it up the big screen and enjoy the same experience as you would if it was coming through a traditional cable company! By using an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV, watch anything you like.


There are many different things to consider when choosing an HDMI cable, including brand name, quality of cable, price, and length. These are all important decisions to make. Depending on the laptop you have, you may also be limited in terms of what connectors or adapters you need to make it all possible. Most new laptops should be able to accommodate an HDMI cable however some might require VGA or another connector type. There’s no worry though as HDMI cables come in a range of options, meaning that as long as you know what connector type you need, there should be a cable for that. If not, there are plenty of adapters that should do the trick as well.


After you have the HDMI cable in your hands, hooking it up is easy. Just plug one end into the port of your laptop and the other into the back of the TV in the indicated location. Why many users enjoy longer length HDMI cables for this type of hook-up is that it lets them move around the room with their laptop. This means being able to sit down in a chair or on the couch with your laptop, using it as a controller. If you do not intend to be browsing and merely need a hook-up to watch something in longer form, you may be able to save a few bucks by going with a shorter cable.


The biggest part of connecting an HDMI cable from a user’s laptop to their TV is in having the right cable. After an HDMI cable has been successfully connected, your TV will act as your computer monitor. From there, you can use it just like you would your laptop – except instead of using the laptop screen, attention can be paid to the flat-screen TV. It’s that easy!

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