Get the Cheapest Antenna in History via PrimeCables’ Anniversary Sale

There’s been a lot written about cutting the cord in Canada. At a time when companies like Bell, Rogers, Shaw Cable, and more are charging hundreds of dollars for TV, getting rid of that monthly bill is a popular choice among Canadian households.


As a response to these high prices, Canadians are going online to get their TV. Though downloading and tapping into live streams has a value, there’s a lot that you’re not getting when you do this. For example, to watch your favourite TV shows, you need to wait after they have aired and/or been uploaded. In addition, and important to many people, is that local TV is not a priority online. Therefore, local news and local programs are being missed out on.


To solve these problems, an HDTV antenna can be bought which can get a household anywhere from a few stations to upwards of 20+ channels. These HDTV antennas generally cost $50 and up, especially when we start getting into the larger, more expanded versions. No household though needs a massive antenna to receive channels. Instead, something as simple as a thin indoor HDTV antenna, courtesy of PrimeCables, can get a user the same free high-definition channels in 1080p.


As June is our anniversary month, PrimeCables is celebrating with discount pricing on antennas. Up until our anniversary month, buy the cheapest antennas in history from PrimeCables. The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® is available for only $4.99! That is a huge come-down from its market price of $27.99. Installation is as simply as unwrapping it, plugging it in, and scanning, and as evidenced in the picture, the antenna can be easily tucked away wherever it needs to go.


When it comes to indoor antennas or if you’re new to the world of ‘cutting the cord’, a $4.99 is not bad to test out an antenna like this. Enjoy 1080p TV at no monthly fee through this inexpensive, small antenna. In terms of bargain-priced antennas, nothing comes close to this at this price point. After all, this is essentially a $30 antenna that is being sold for under $5. It can’t really get much cheaper than that. Buy from PrimeCables today and receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada.


Be it in the home, RV, or on vacation somewhere where there’s not any TV, this indoor super thin antenna is a recommended buy. There’s no need to pay for cable or anything. For only $4.99, get the cheapest HDTV antenna in Canada!

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