4 Perfect Products for your Dorm for the Back to School Shopping Season

Shopping for your dorm for September, we have to point you in the direction of PrimeCables. Receive special summer back to school pricing when you shop with PrimeCables today. Be it a student’s first year in university or if they’re returning to the dorm, get a head start today by saving big on some key back to school products. To keep it simple, we believe these are the 4 most perfect products for a dorm room, courtesy of PrimeCables’ back to school summer shopping.

back to school dorm list.jpg

The Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 26″ Wide -White PrimeCables® for $189.99 is an excellent dorm desk for studying, researching, and writing papers. For those not completely looking forward to returning to university, getting an upgrade on their work desk might be worth a buy. After all, there’s no better way to get excited about homework. Adjust height, sit and/or stand as needed, and use your desk surface to watch movies on your laptop.

back to school dorm items
back to school dorm items

The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″- PrimeCables® for $49.99 is next on our list. For gamers, video production students, graphic designers, photographers, and/or those who are just really into the idea of having multiple monitors to work from, a dual mount like this works wonders. Elevate your workstation instantly. Even better, you don’t need to wait until end of summer to get the best deal. Shop it today!


The Mini 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch Touchpad Mouse – PrimeCables® for $14.99 is a great product for PCs, Android TV boxes, IPTV, X-Box, PS3, Windows, Mac, and more. Use this touchpad to calibrate and communicate with multiple devices. If the dorm room is going to be a busy one tech-wise, having a single media keyboard to draw from might be of great benefit. No driver needed, it’s just plug and play.


The Audio Splitter 3.5mm 5 Way Hub Headphone for PC, MP3 & smartphone – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is an amazing back to school dorm product for multiple students who want to listen in on the same music, podcast, movie, or whatever else. For when you want to plug in quietly, this 5-way hub for headphones and earbuds makes listening easy. Even on those more romantic dorm nights, when you and your loved one are staying in, share a moment listening to your favourite songs with this uniquely built audio splitter.


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