Get our Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat to gain Extra Comfort while working

Posture-correcting ergonomic accessories are all the rage among students, office workers, and at-home professionals. Creating the most comfortable work environment is key to maintaining productivity, and ensuring that the neck, back, and hip pain common among office workers is kept at bay. If the work you do means you’re on your feet quite a bit, having an anti-fatigue comfort mat uses the same ergonomic philosophy to give you some extra comfort while you work.


Designed to maximize comfort at an ergonomic sit-standing desk or for use in the kitchen, garage, warehouse, or elsewhere, the PrimeCables anti-fatigue portable standing mat will reduce the pressure put on your heels, back, legs, and shoulders. The contoured beveled design and no-curl edges minimizes tripping, it’s resistant to common fluids and chemicals found in office environments, and it’s waterproof. The 100% non-toxic PU material is tear-resistant, built to last, and has a soft texture that you can enjoy on your bare feet or in your shoes. For a limited time only, buy the Anti-fatigue Standing Portable Comfort Mat 18″ x 22″ PrimeCables® for only $32.99.


Though it might not be the first thing on your list to buy for your workstation, an ergonomic mat is a great way to help ease the stress on your body a little bit throughout the day. Think of all the different ways that we put stress on our bodies. As we stare at our screens, this can cause our bodies to lean forward creating unnecessary lower back stress. As we hunch over to look at our smartphones, this creates stress on the neck. There’s plenty of other actions we do every day that puts our bodies into unnatural positions. Even though it may not feel unnatural or stressed at the time, over the course of weeks, months, and years, an anti-fatigue mat can make a tremendous difference in keeping you healthy.


Poor posture is nothing to laugh at. Be it prolonged sitting or standing, we’ve all surely experienced moments where we felt the wear and tear. For those that work in jobs that require a lot of standing in one place, consider using an anti-fatigue mat for a week. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference! Though it might not resolve all muscle and joint pain, an anti-fatigue comfort mat is another ergonomic accessory that makes things just a little bit easier. Be sure to browse more ergonomic accessories sales, discounts, and promotions exclusively through PrimeCables. Pick up your anti-fatigue mat today!

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