Get Ready for an Amazing Back to School Workstation Idea – go Ergonomic!

The back to school shopping season is a great time to get sweet dreams on study desks for students of all ages. Are you looking to upgrade to a new school workstation – consider going ergonomic. What we mean by ‘ergonomic’ is simple. Ergonomics is a style of office furniture that prioritizes the comfort of the user. At its most influential, ergonomics has been responsible for the release of new office technologies such as height adjustable sit standing desks that are being used by more and more Canadians all across the country.


Though an ergonomic desk is one thing, for students, they may appreciate even more ergonomic accessories. If you’re buying for a high school student or college/university student, consider something like the Height Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand Portable Ergonomics PrimeCables® for $5.99, the Adjustable Portable Standing Desk Laptop Bed Table for 17″ Laptop PrimeCables® for $14.99, the Heavy-Duty Height Adjustable Ergonomic Free-Standing Footrest Platform Max. Load 55lbs – PrimeCables® for $29.99, the Foam Reading Pillow Memory foam lumbar cushion -Grey PrimeCables® for $19.99, the Ergonomic Monitor Document Clip PrimeCables® for $3.99, or the Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat PrimeCables® for $35.99.


There’s no rule that says you can’t buy something for yourself either. After all, a sale is a sale. If you don’t know what to get yourself this back to school shopping sales season and are looking for an excellent back to school idea, we recommend an ergonomic desk. First and foremost, one can’t have an ergonomic setup without an optimized desk in the middle. Browse numerous models in the PrimeCables catalogue, or pick up your own electric desk riser to combine with a table top of your choose and build your own workstation, personalized according to taste. Feel free to look through the discounts, exclusives, and promotions available today through PrimeCables on ergonomic desks and more.


An ergonomic office setting is something to behold. See healthier employees and a more productive staff. Reduce the stresses that come on the body with prolonged sitting. If you’re suffering from neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain because of the way you’re sitting or the configuration to which you work, an ergonomic desk can change that. Ergonomic accessories also play a tremendous role at keeping us comfortable and keeping work optimized.


The summer 2018 back to school shopping sale from PrimeCables is offering fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on select items, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee. Give your student the opportunity to study, research, write, and work comfortably for once!

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