Did You Know Your Desk Could Be Causing Back Pain – An Electric Sit-Stand Desk is a Cure

You wouldn’t think sitting down’s going to hurt your back. As it turns out, it very much can. A number of us work standard 40-hour work weeks in an office. We sit on buses, trains, and cars in commute before ultimately arriving at a desk where we sit for the day in front of a computer screen. This sort of lifestyle is not what our bodies were meant for, resulting in a condition the American Medical Association has called ‘sitting disease’.

What is sitting disease?

Sitting disease refers to the effects of prolonged sitting. Characteristics include an increased risk of heart disease, premature ageing of the heart, and increased cardiovascular aging. Some healthcare experts have been called it a ‘silent killer’ because you’d never know or feel the effects building inside the body.

Why is my desk causing me back pain?

Whether you have back pain or you don’t, what’s true of most jobs that involve working at an office desk is that you’re putting strain on your body. A lot of us crunch over to type and work, resulting in all of our top half weight being supported at an angle by our lower backs. Unfortunately, our backs aren’t designed to handle this weight. It’s like lifting a 15-pound weight in front of you indefinitely. Eventually, your body’s going to give out – hence back pain.

What can I do to solve lower back pain at work?

If your back got hurt from activity, a physician would advise you to rest and let it heal. Your job isn’t something you can walk away from. If your back is hurting from office work, most people simply continue working. The problem continues. For some, it exacerbates into an injury or permanent ache. This isn’t what we want to see. With a sit-stand desk, you can eliminate back pain altogether.

How does a sit-stand desk work to help back pain?

A sit-stand desk is height adjustable. You can work while sitting or standing, which adjusts the body’s positioning. This relieves the stresses of prolonged sitting, helping slowly eliminate lower back pain while also getting your body out from sitting disease. According to a 2018 study, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk helped office workers improve sedentary behaviour and decreased back pain by an average of 50 percent. If you aren’t moving around much in your work day, this is a way to invest in your long-term health.

PrimeCables® Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

For office workers, Canadians with home offices, YouTubers, creative types, and anyone consistently working at a desk, an electric sit-stand desk puts an end to back pain. It’s an intervention in the stresses that are causing you to come home with pain. Choose your favourite sit-stand desk model today from PrimeCables.

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