It’s the best time to get our cheap cordless Circular Saw at PrimeCables!

Our Circular Saw is a budget power tool perfect for making precise cuts of lumber at home.

The best circular saw deals at PrimeCables!
The best circular saw deals at PrimeCables!

The PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw is only $49.99 and comes with free shipping nationwide. Powered by a 20V Lithium-ion Battery and featuring a 6 ½” Blade with adjustable bevel and depth, this circular saw is the safest, most lightweight tool for cutting materials for home renovation and handyman projects.


Cut through 2 x 4s like nobody’s business! Powerful and ergonomic, get a grip on your home improvement with this budget power tool.


It operates at a no-load speed of 4000RPM and features an adjustable cutting depth for making the most precise bevel angle cuts and joint cuts, with an arbor size of 5/8″.


Better yet, it’s portable, so you can remain mobile in your garage or shed while working on complex projects. You can take it on the road to help out your family and friends at home, out of town, and at the cottage, because it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Straight cuts and bevel angles are easy with the PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw! It includes an industry standard 6 1/2” TCT tip blade, meaning you can source compatible blades easily. The spindle lock makes swapping them a cinch. For straight cuts, the saw features a 90° maximum cutting depth of 2.1”; and for bevel angle cuts, it’s got a 45° maximum cutting depth of 1.5”.


The rubber grip handle and ergonomic design makes for comfortable operation all day long, and its lithium-ion battery outputs 20V of juice, making it compatible with all the entire catalogue of PrimeCables® 20V budget power tools.


If you’ve got a shelf, desk, chest, cabinet, or chair to fix up that’s been collecting dust in your garage, then the PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw is exactly what you need.


You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else! Order today from one of our two warehouses, located in Montreal and Vancouver, and get to work this weekend. Fast shipping can be added to any order for just $5.95, shipping anywhere in Canada in just a couple of days.


Add the Circular Saw to any order to take advantage of our free shipping eligibility, applicable to any purchase of $49 and up.


And for all your home improvement, renovation, and handyman projects, take a gander at our other lithium-ion-powered budget power tool catalogue for inspiration.


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