The Best Way to mount rear Surround Sound Speakers for Home Theater Systems

Spending thousands of dollars on state of the art home theater equipment does not necessarily guarantee an aesthetically beautiful and immersive experience. If you don’t know how to maximize what you got and ensure all components are properly coordinated, even the most expensive of home theater systems can fall flat.

home theater speaker system from PrimeCables
home theater speaker system from PrimeCables

If you have rear channel surround sound speakers, what we recommend is getting them up off the floor and mounted. There are many advantages to having mounted rear surround sound speakers.  There’s no chance you’ll accidentally knock them over getting popcorn, it’ll look great, and best of all, you’re optimizing the way your ears catch the sound.


Every Canadian household should be mounting their rear surround sound speakers for maximum effect. Though the sound that comes through your speakers will be more or less the same, you’ll notice a big difference in your home theater’s appearance and the functional layout of the room. All you need to mount your rear surround sound speakers are the appropriate mounts and mounting hardware, a stud finger, and cordless drill. If the intention is to also install new cables, a wire stripper and cutter may also be required. If you’ve ever mounted shelves before, it’s pretty much the same task.


After you’ve chosen your surround sound speaker mounts and know the location of where you want to install them, use a stud finder to ensure there are no electrical conduits, pipes, or other hazards you could drill into. From there, drill a hole into the wall, clean out the holes, and then, insert the appropriate wall anchors. From there, the process should be pretty straightforward. We recommend examining the installation instructions for further information on how to proceed.


If you’re not sure where to find the perfect set of rear speaker mounts, there are a few dozen options to browse with PrimeCables, including the Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket-PrimeCables® for $9.99, the Adjustable Satellite Speaker Wall Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 – PrimeCables® for $7.99, the Universal Wall & Ceiling Projector Bracket, Support up to 20kgs/44lbs – PrimeCables® for $14.99, and the Adjustable Wall/ Ceiling Speaker Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 – PrimeCables® for $9.99.


The best way to mount rear surround sound speakers ultimately comes down to your preference and the space you’re using. Decide on the best position for the speakers, ideal for both sound and aesthetics. See why so many Canadians have already made the switch to mounting their speakers and shop with PrimeCables today to find the perfect speaker mount for your home!

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