7 Rules of a Home Theater Installation or Upgrade with PrimeCables

Are you looking for home theater advice building a home theater for your Canadian home – we can help. As you browse all of your favourite home theater systems, accessories, and must-have features, keep in mind these 7 rules of a home theater installation and upgrade. Be it involvement in a remodelling or new home-build, or whether you are outfitting an existing space, these are things to ignore.


Selecting equipment


Begin with nailing down the screen you intend to buy for your home theater system and the accompanying speaker or audio setup. After you have your video and audio established, you can decide on features. After all, no one wants a system that is unbalanced or low quality.


High quality cables


Selecting home theater cables, you want to ensure you have the right length, price point, and type. Speaker cables, home theater cables, and HDMI cables can add up in costs rather quickly. Do your research into what’s the most preferable cable for your home entertainment system.




You may not think you need to pre-wire your home theater system however it’s important to remember not everything is wireless. Home theater electricity signals are not wireless. They need to be sent via cable. Limit the amount of cables by buying in bulk and planning head.


Speaker placement


Correct speaker placement is key to ensuring audio signals are being heard as intended. Speakers in the wrong location can completely ruin the interpretation of audio for a viewer. Consider what’s best for your home theater space. Low quality audio should not ruin anyone’s home theater experience.




Home theater systems are rarely as easy as plug and play. They require some calibration, particularly as it pertains to the audio. Be sure to read instructions and ensure connections are correctly made, eliminating safety hazards. This is a crucial step!


TV location


In the same way that if you have a great TV with poor quality audio, the experience will be bad, the same goes for the opposite. Decide on where to place your TV considering window placement, size of the screen, whether you want to mount it on the wall or from the ceiling, and where you’ll be sitting.


Use a single remote


Installing multiple home theater accessories and digital devices, you may end up with two or three remotes easy. Downsize to a single remote. You may wish to consider buying a programmable remote control for the purpose of being your one and only home theater go-to.


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