Can you Really get Home Theater Speakers for under $100 – yes you can!

Speaker systems are a controversial subject for some home theater enthusiasts. There are some who think that speakers are generally overpriced and not worth the hundreds we oftentimes pay for them. Then, there are others who agree that the audio experience can make or break the home theater system. PrimeCables acknowledges the high price of speaker systems which is why we have worked to reduce these price points as much as we can.  So for under $100, we have several home theater-related audio options to consider.


For small apartments, single-bedroom condos, and small home theater systems focused on maximizing space, there’s the Bluetooth stereo soundbar using wired and wireless speakers for only $49.99. If you’re looking for a good pair of home theater speakers, there’s a combination deal with PrimeCables sharing a 30-watt mini amplifier Class-D with two bookshelf speakers for $79.99. Also, for homeowners seeking to re-design their home theater spaces a little more thoroughly, they may want to consider our 6.5” fiber 2-way frameless in-wall speakers for $49.99.


As examples, these are just some of the home theater speaker options to consider for under $100. Built well, promising high-performance, and adaptable to different environments, PrimeCables’ speakers are gorgeous and come with a variety of possible uses. Instead of paying upwards of $499 and/or more, shop on deals and discounts with PrimeCables. An investment in a home theater system should not be made lightly, no matter how expensive or inexpensive it is. For our Home Theater Month, we’re throwing in free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


PrimeCables does its best to give you the most bang for your buck. Working alongside our manufacturers and suppliers, our home theater products earn their value. Though there are more inventive designs out there, when it comes to look and sound, each of the aforementioned speaker options perform magnificently. Throw in a subwoofer to complement the bass frequencies and your home theater system will have everything it needs to really support rich audio. If you want your speakers to take center stage, Canada’s favourite eCommerce source for home theater is exactly where to look. At its price point, no speaker system gives a remotely close comparable home theater audio experience.


For Home Theater Month, get up to 70 percent off select cables and home theater accessories. If you’re looking for home theater speakers under $100 that have a robust sound, diverse detail, are easily customizable, and have a gorgeous aesthetic, shop with PrimeCables. We’re just a click away.

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