How to Build a Smart Home Theater System and outfit your Space

From screens to speakers and seats to home theater accessories, building the ultimate home entertainment space starts with knowing how to maximize the space given.


Be it a medium to large sized flat-screen TV or a projector screen, most of us are already committed to our screen selection. For an authentic, immersive viewing experience, it all starts with the screen in front of us. That said, it’s oftentimes the features supporting the picture that make or break a home theater. For example, high-end homes are known to select expensive, start-of-the-art home theater accessories assisting them in mounting their TV screen, using HDMI cables to connect devices, audio cables and A/V adapters to set up surround sound systems, and more. Though these products can exceed $100s, when you shop at a Canadian discount home theater brand like PrimeCables, you can get a lot of this for under budget.


For many Canadians, how to build a smart home theater system begins with outfitting your space like it’s a high-end, luxury home. It’s important to plan ahead. Consider what the most authentic cinema experience is to you and what you need to make it happen. For a lot of us, selecting the right sound system is key. Taking into account the layout and dimensions of the room, you may wish to go with a massive surround sound system, or something smaller like a Bluetooth stereo soundbar. To this point, let’s say you want a big screen experience but don’t necessarily have the space to mount a massive flat-screen, some have gravitated towards buying a home theater projector. Using a projector, you can create your own screen with focus, zoom, and lens shifting.


There are three components of a good home theater system – video, audio, and accessories. After deciding on the video, be sure not to discount the importance of a high-end audio system that can deliver that big power and sophisticated detail you want. Top quality speakers are available for purchase alongside home theater accessories from PrimeCables. Shop all of your home theater favourites and unexpected new trends in the industry. Enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. For movie nights, you’ll be thankful having saved money shopping your home theater accessories with PrimeCables.


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