May the Media Streaming Box Wars continue in Canada with PrimeCables!

There are more streaming platforms in Canada than ever. With Amazon committing to build a free, ad-supported streaming channel of its own, the competition is heating up. At the same time, media boxes and streaming devices have continued to help Canadians cut the cord. As cable providers continue to lose customers, media streaming boxes are where it’s at!


If you’ve never used a media box or streaming device before, PrimeCables is the best place to shop. A streaming device helps a user send their media from their laptops, smartphones, and tablet, and to broadcast it on their TV screens. It allows home theater enthusiasts to curate their entertainment experience with no restriction. There are some media boxes that also accommodate applications like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook Video, and others.


For some of the best streaming boxes in Canada, there’s only one place to shop. PrimeCables has several media streaming boxes to browse, available for a limited time on-sale and eligible for a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada across any order above $49. For the most inexpensive option, there’s the MXQ-4K Android smart TV box HD media player for only $29.99. Then, there’s the X96 mini 4K Android 7.0.1 smart TV box, 2+16RB ROM for $49.99, the ZIDOO X1 Allwinner H3 quad core 1GB+8GB HDMI KODI Android 4.4 TV box for $79.99. and finally, the MyGica ATV495 PRO quad core 2GB+16GB Android 5.1 ultra 4K smart TV for $159.99.


There are more smart TV-focused apps in development today, equating to what we think will be a very stream-friendly future. As companies look to expand their streaming platforms, now’s the time to buy a media streaming box to tap into all those entertainment opportunities.


When it comes to a cable subscription, one’s forced to look at the entertainment they’re provided. They can only select what’s on their channel guide. With a streaming box, it give you the chance to create your own home theater entertainment experience. So whichever streaming services you’re subscribed to, your favourite YouTube channels, your social media accounts, and anything you download can all be sent to be watched on your TV using a media streaming box.


Shop your media streaming box and home theater accessories with Canada’s favourite eCommerce company, PrimeCables. As the wars continue to heat up, you’ll have all the hardware in place to take advantage. See free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

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