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Is a TV or Monitor Better for My Entertainment System – read here!

Computer monitors used to be exclusively the gamer’s choice for setting up with their console while HD TVs were reserved for home theater enthusiasts. These days, the tech is so advanced that some home entertainment systems will choose a monitor over a TV and vice versa, with gamers installing a 1080p HD television to host game play on. To find…

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Why you want a Curved Monitor as a Gamer over a Flat Monitor

Curved or flat monitors. That’s the question so many gamers have to ask themselves. Shopping monitors doesn’t always give a clear cut choice on what’s preferred. There’s no questioning curved monitors are on-trend right now, preferred by many in the professional gaming industry as they tend to give a more realistic, immersive portrayal of the action. But, do you really…

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How to Set Up a Dual Monitor Mount for Two Monitors at Home

So you’ve decided to add a second monitor to your desktop. Wonderful news! Adding another monitor comes with many benefits and provides you with more screen to spread different elements across. Dual monitor mounts are arguably a necessity if you’re setting up two monitors at a personal workstation or gaming station. Dual monitor setups are pretty standard, these days. You…

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Why Curved Monitors continue to be a Major Trend in the Gaming Industry in 2019

Curved monitors have become a favourite among gamers and general consumers, always seeking the latest and greatest in the world of technology. There’s a lot of reasons why curved monitors are preferred by gamers. Not only are they visually impressive and futuristic to have, curved monitors also come with a more immersive experience at their feet. For gamers, having an…

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How to Install a Monitor Desk Mount for LCD Monitors

Installing a monitor desk mount can be a big upgrade for your desk’s ergonomics. Look around. Your computer setup is likely one that’s taking up a fair bit of space. You may have wires, books, stacks of paper hanging around and making a mess of things. Your current monitor might be sitting on a stack of books to help it…

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What is an IPS Monitor and why is it So Good for Gaming – read here!

IPS monitors are highly sought after by many enthusiasts in the computer, laptop, and tech industries. Creative professionals in Canada and gamers love IPS monitors. They’re trendy and they look great, though there might be some confusion to precisely what IPS monitors do. IPS stands for ‘in-plane switching’ and one of the biggest supporters of this new technology is Apple.…

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Curved vs. Flat Monitors, What are the Benefits of Curved Monitors – read here!

Curved monitors and flat monitors each come with their own unique benefits. Curved gaming monitors have taken the gaming world by storm but are they really worth the extra money – that’s what we want to find out.   There are a lot of different curved monitors that have made their way into the Canadian marketplace. They’re being used for…

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Getting a 4K Gaming Monitor on Best Buy – why not try PrimeCables!

For those looking to purchase one of Best Buy’s 4K gaming monitors, consider saving a few bucks by shopping PrimeCables. As Canada’s favourite eCommerce solutions for all things home theater, we’ve worked hard to ensure the best deals and lowest prices on key gaming accessories.   The 32” 4K HDR AMD FreeSync ultra slim desktop monitor is on discount for…

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How to Choose a PC Monitor for Gaming

Maximize your PC’s video capabilities by upgrading your monitor with all the best gaming specifications. Feel free to check our black friday monitor deals from There’s nothing like sitting down in front of an amazing video display to play your favourite game. Though a gaming-based PC monitor can add up in expense rather quickly, you may be able to…

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See Cheap Gaming Accessories for Black Friday 2018 including Mounts and Monitors

Though PrimeCables does not sell video games, there are a number of gaming accessories that we have on-sale this upcoming Black Friday that are bound to get many interested. See the best deals on gaming accessories from PrimeCables including audio and video cables, adapters, gaming monitors, monitor mounts, gaming speaker systems, speaker mounts, and height adjustable sit-stand desks, alongside various…

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