See PrimeCables’ Home Cinema Speaker Systems on-sale for Home Theater Use

Choosing the right home cinema speaker system for your home theater can deliver the absolute incredible audio you’ve always wanted. Imagine a fully-connected speaker system distributed throughout the room, capturing every crucial detail of sound. Though some pay $1,000s to get these type of speaker systems, there are several components via PrimeCables that can be purchased on-sale. Customize your own home theater experience by building around sound!


Hot on the heels of a big year for home theater sales, PrimeCables is offering exclusive deals, discounts, and sales promotions on home cinema speaker systems you won’t find anywhere else. Browse speakers, subwoofers, portable speakers, Bluetooth soundbars, speaker wire, digital audio cables, speaker volume controllers, optical Toslink audio cables, and more. Also, all purchases above $49 receive a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada.


Browsing the pages of PrimeCables’ catalogue, you’ll notice an entire range of affordable home cinema and home entertainment products. Regarding speaker systems and sound devices, we’ve worked with our suppliers to uphold the highest home audio standards in Canada. Combining these speakers with the latest in home theater technologies, your next favourite speaker configuration may be right around the corner.


Common struggles felt by owners of home theater systems oftentimes are based around the sound. So much attention is paid to video that we forget about the importance of our speakers. Things like missing dialogue on movies, not having enough bass on concerts, getting distortion on audio signals where there should not otherwise be, and more is not unexpected. If this is you, consider shopping with PrimeCables to select the stylish, featured-packed speaker components you know you’ll enjoy.


The thing about shopping with PrimeCables is that we recognize every home is different. For example, what you want in a home cinema experience may be slightly different from your neighbor. For this reason, we try to keep our catalogue open to customizations. Currently on-sale, wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers, floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, surround sound speakers, and subwoofers are all possibilities. Choose to use individual speakers in customized configurations to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.


Using home entertainment speakers purchased through PrimeCables, you can listen to TV, enjoy music from streaming services, cast home media, and more. A high quality A/V home theater experience has never been more affordable. Deliver the surround sound you want and tailor everything to your room’s natural dimensions. Soundbars, multi-channel A/V receivers, HDMI cables, and more are just a click away when you shop with Canada’s #1 source for speakers and home theater accessories.

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