Why Now is a Great Time to Upgrade your Home Media and Home Theater Room

We all have TVs in our homes. Few of us have what the home theater industry likes to call ‘media rooms’. These are dedicated spaces where home theater systems are built and where the focal point of the room is in creating the most immersive, comfortable viewing experience there is. Now’s a great time to upgrade your TV area into a home theater/home media room. That’s because of the affordability of high quality products at PrimeCables.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing home theater eCommerce brands, PrimeCables specializes in providing different home theater products to be used in customized media room configurations. There’s no set rules when it comes to building or upgrading a home media room. Go with a big screen and tall speakers. Use a TV wall mount to uproot your flat-screen and suspend it against the wall. Choose a projector and projector screen for a completely different home theater room. Select appropriately sized home theater accessories if you’re working with a small condo-esque space, or pair together some bigger, bolder products to arrive at something more heavy-duty.


Browse the PrimeCables catalogue for the best discounts and deals on speaker systems, HDMI cables, pro audio components, A/V receivers, A/V cables, TV wall mounts, TV stands, outdoor and indoor TV antennas, media streaming boxes and devices, projectors, projector mounts, projector screens, Blu-ray cables, smart home accessories, network routers and switches, and more. The era of inexpensive, affordable consumer-friendly home theater systems has arrived and we are leading the way. Choose the products you want and opt-in for your preferences. A complete home theater media room experience may be just a few clicks away. Remember, any orders above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to buy appropriately.


The great thing to remember about building a ‘media room’ is that it does not necessarily need to equate to just an average home theater system. Yes, ‘media rooms’ can be somewhere to watch TV and movies but they’re also ideal for those seeking a place to stream their favourite media off websites like YouTube, to stream and listen to their favourite music, to play video games, and more. Media rooms can be small or large. The ultimate key to a media room is to ensure it’s customized to fit your home and lifestyle. It’s up to the homeowner to decide what best suits their home’s style and needs!

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