Buy HDMI for Full 4K Support

4K ultra-HD resolution is not always achievable on the average home theater system if system components have not been upgraded to accommodate the advanced video quality. A home theater HDMI cable is a necessary component in need of an upgrade if it isn’t already 4K.

HDMI 4K cables can notoriously be quite expensive. Searching Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other sources, one can find HDMI 4K cables priced well above where we think is appropriate. Though they are high quality cables most of the time, there’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg. Instead, shop with PrimeCables, Canada’s favourite eCommerce discount retailer for cables, adapters, and other home theater accessories.

Browsing PrimeCables, you’ll find several HDMI 4K cable options to potentially enjoy. There’s the more inexpensive options, including HDMI 2.0 3 ft. zinc-alloy UHD 4K for $4.99 and the HDMI 2.0 cables 6 ft. zinc-allow UDH 4K for $7.99. Switching from a less than 4K HDMI cable to a 4K cable, you’ll immediately notice a difference in picture quality. If you’ve struggled to achieve 4K before, an HDMI cable like this is exactly what you need to ensure you achieve a high quality picture.

There are also premium HDMI 4K cables with Nylon jacket protection available from the PrimeCables Mamba Series, such those in 3 feet for $7.99, 6 feet for $8.99, and 10 feet for $11.99. The advantages of the Nylon jacket protection is that they are chew-proof and great if you have pets, won’t bend or warp under extreme temperatures, and are built stronger than their non-Nylon counterparts.

The ultimate thing to look out for when buying an HDMI cable for 4K support is to ensure that they do in fact support 4K. Just because it’s HDMI, it does not necessarily mean it supports 4K. Be sure to look at the specifications to verify. 4K is a wonderful standard to aim for and to achieve it, anything influencing your video is going to need to be able to carry the signal. Be it a gaming console, your flat-screen or projector, and the cables you are using, 4K can be difficult to reach sometimes because consumers may not know everything that requires an upgrade. 4K comes with an amazing frame rate, sharp colors, and deep blacks. If you want 4K, get the best from PrimeCables.

Shop PrimeCables for 4K HDMI cables and other home theater accessories. Instantly, you’ll get to an an optimum home theater experience just by upgrading your cables to accommodate what your flat-screen is capable of. Visit PrimeCables for more information on 4K home theater support!

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