How to Choose a Home Theater Projector

Projectors are an amazing home theater product, achieving something no flat-screen can. Though we can spend $1,000s on a big screen, with a projector, you can save $1,000s and get equal-quality performance. Imagine seeing TV shows, movies, sports, and video games on the most massive screen your home can handle.


A home theater projector has many variables that can influence your visual experience. There’s buying a projector mount to set up your projector in the most optimum location for video. Then, there’s also the projector screen you select. A maximized home theater experience with a projector can’t really be achieved without those two elements included.


Projector screens are where we start in choosing a home theater projector. You need to know where you’re going to place your projector screen and how you’re going to install it. It can be free-standing, mounted to the wall, or retractable. Though some homeowners skip buying a projector screen and just send the video to a white wall, this doesn’t quite capture the same quality. A projector screen will keep things looking smoother and more consistent!


Now, with regards to how to choose a home theater projector, there’s a lot of things to weigh. You may require a specific video resolution, specific inputs, and/or may be working with existing elements that need to be accommodated for. It’s important to remember that projectors do not produce audio and thus, you will require an A/V receiver to run audio. This can add up to a lot of extra cables and adapters that need to be accommodate for in the design. Be sure to consider this prior to buying a projector.


Why so many Canadians have made the switch to home theater projectors is because of the amount of picture quality they carry. If your budget is tight, PrimeCables has a projector with amazing picture quality under-$100 with smooth, consistent imaging. See more value in a projector than some of Canada’s biggest and best flat-panel TVs. Cost per inch of screen is inexpensive with a projector compared to flat-panels. Also, you’ll get no reflection or glare from windows.


Home theater and entertainment setups are all about customizing according to your preference. Tailor your projector experience to your room and don’t forget about your screen. If you want to get the best picture quality, a projector screen is a necessity. Visit PrimeCables to see more into our projector screen buying guide with more than a dozen home theater projectors to choose from.

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