See the Top 5 Sales Items on our Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday deals only come once a year and this year, it’s coming around November 23. All weekend long, find amazing discounts, sales, and exclusives from Canada’s top eCommerce brand, PrimeCables. Speaking to consumers already excited about the big day, these are some of the top sales items found on Black Friday shopping lists shared by our customers.


Height adjustable laptop stand $5.99


The ergonomic height adjustable accessory for laptops and tablets are used by thousands of Canadians from sea to sea. If you like watching media on your laptop or  tablet in bed, on the couch, or are just looking for a different way to angle your computer, this might be a great way to do it. Inexpensive and a high quality build, you won’t have regrets digging into this deal!


Height adjustable sit-stand desk $179.99


Another height adjustable option, this sit-standing desk is an ergonomic product purposed in professional and home office environments. The riser can accommodate monitors up to 35” wide. The recipient of 4.8/5 star reviews, our sit-standing desk category has been one of Canadians’ favourites over the years. For Black Friday, price cuts are going to be even deeper.


BT3.0 waterproof Bluetooth speaker $7.99


A great, inexpensive Bluetooth portable speaker is hard to come by for under $10. Thankfully, there’s PrimeCables. This is a great speaker option if you like heading out to the beach, on road trips, or adventures where bringing heavier audio equipment isn’t an option. Also, this makes a great Christmas gift.


Orvibo smart power outlet $14.99


For Canadians interested in turning their home into a smart home, the Orvibo smart power outlet is well recommended. Features include a turn-off/turn-on remote feature, scheduling and timing function, and compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa. Easily installed and easily handled, this smart power outlet is an excellent starting point for any smart home enthusiast.


Angle-free TV wall mount $5.99


Typically we associate TV wall mounts with more expensive price points than under $10. That said, this is a high quality build that’s very simple and basic. If you’re toying with the idea of a TV wall mount for your small to medium sized flat-screen, consider the PrimeCables model. If you want a mount with a little more flexibility, there’s more than two dozen models to browse.


Black Friday shopping sales with PrimeCables comes complete with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Don’t miss out. Shop PrimeCables this Friday.

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