The Best Gear for Building your Home Theater

Home theater systems are built based on customizations from the user. Depending on what you foresee needing for your home entertainment center, a home theater can mean very different things between Canadians.


At PrimeCables, we recognize that. Selecting only the best gear for building your home theater, browse hundreds of deals in the catalogue including TVs, projectors, projector accessories, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, headphones, media streaming devices, smart TV boxes, indoor and outdoor high-definition TV antennas, speaker systems, A/V receivers, home theater cables, network routers, adapters, switches, smartphone connections, laptop connections, HDMI connections, and even smart home accessories.


If you want to build the ultimate home theater system, it’s ultimately up to you to find what you need to make it happen. Speaker systems are a great example of this. Among the options are a dual pair of stereo bookshelf speakers, a surround sound system with speakers in multiples, and a singular Bluetooth stereo soundbar. Depending on size of room, preference, and budget, any of these options may appear more appealing than the next. Consider the possibilities of a projector screen or flat-screen TV, whether you want to go with a smart TV box or indoor TV antenna or possible both, and entertain all the other questions that come with building a home theater system.


Instead of having to go to the theater to watch a movie on the big screen, create the ultimate solution at home. Every year, PrimeCables works with the best manufacturers in Canada and abroad to find the absolute top home theater equipment we can offer on special sale budget price. No matter if you are looking at upgrading an existing living room or building a whole new dedicated home theater space, we can help. Across the home theater category, you can find discounts up to 90 percent off, in addition to a ‘free shipping’ coupon applied automatically across any order above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


Everything you need in one place with PrimeCables, all the way through projector ceiling mounts to TV wall mounts. After looking into it, most Canadians are shocked at how little it can cost to upgrade one’s at-home setup to a fully blown home theater entertainment system.


For less than $1,000, you can get a lot from the PrimeCables catalogue and jump a huge step in quality. You may even end up with some money left over to splurge on other home theater accessories or something else altogether. For a high-performance home theater, achieve your wildest dreams with PrimeCables and get it all on deal today!

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