The Best Wireless TV Headphones for your Home Theater

One of the best things about buying a home theater system is the amazing bass-rupturing sound that can be achieved. Sometimes though, the subsequent worst thing about a home theater system is how loud and obnoxious said sound can be to other members of the household. For anyone trying to sleep or who just doesn’t want to hear it at a given moment, a concert, sports game, or even the news can be a headache waiting to happen.


Home theater headphones are a recommended home theater accessory purchase for this reason. Any time you want to listen to TV or watch a concert on your home entertainment setup, you can do so without having to ask permission. For the best wired and wireless TV headphones for your home theater system, PrimeCables has several models that might be worth considering. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for home theater systems, we’ve tested all the best products, selecting the most affordable for our growing Canadian clientele.


The main pair of wireless headphones we have in the catalogue are a great Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones with built-in microphone for $118.99. Complete with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, this set of wireless Bluetooth home theater headphones features some incredible sound, a built-in 450mAh lithium battery, and a custom digital sound processor. Combing through our back to back listening comparison, this is one of the best reviewed headphones in our catalogue and a top choice for any home theater system!


If you don’t like the $118.99 price tag and are looking for cheap wireless headphones, we’ve got an option. Specific to home theater use, the PrimeCables-sponsored hi-fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling stereo headphones are on-sale right now for only $59.99. Also with free shipping included, enjoy up to sixteen hours of use with noise cancelling enabled and a built-in 500mAh lithium battery. In terms of cost to value ratio, you’d be troubled to find anything similar. From everything that’s currently available, these may get our pick for best wireless TV headphones for home theater based on price.


There are other wireless TV headphones to browse via PrimeCables including the Sonic Solace noise cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones for $139.99, the premium hi-di DJ-style over-the-ear professional Bluetooth headphones for $59.99, and the wireless Bluetooth earbuds for $49.99.


See some amazing wireless TV headphone deals from PrimeCables and enjoy ‘free shipping’ on any order above $49. Be sure to pick up all of your home theater favourites shopping with Canada’s friendliest eCommerce sites for Canadian households.

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