Curved vs. Flat Monitors, What are the Benefits of Curved Monitors – read here!

Curved monitors and flat monitors each come with their own unique benefits. Curved gaming monitors have taken the gaming world by storm but are they really worth the extra money – that’s what we want to find out.


There are a lot of different curved monitors that have made their way into the Canadian marketplace. They’re being used for gaming, work, general entertainment, and graphic design applications. If you’ve seen one, chances are you know their appeal. They look sleek, advanced, and impressive. The most obvious benefit of a curved monitor is that they have been praised for being more immersive. Seeing something on a curved monitor, you forget you’re watching a screen. No longer does it feel like you’re watching 2D reality. Suddenly, everything in length, width, and height appears more real.


Another benefit of curved monitors is that they eliminate the pixelated blurriness that sometimes happens when watching low quality video or when the Internet connection begins to go out. This is possible because a curved monitor changes the physics of light protection. Flat screens share images straight whereas curved screens aim everything in a different way limiting distortion. Canadians also typically find curved monitors to be more comfortable on the eyes, reducing migraine headaches and eye strain.


The disadvantages of curved monitors however might be enough to cause you to want a flat-screen. For example, the shape of a curved monitor makes it very difficult to mount against the wall. If your TV wall mount is tilt and swivel, you may run into some issues with your screen knocking against the wall. Also, curved screens are prone to glare. Unlike a flat-screen, a curved monitor is very difficult to adjust. To compensate, you’ll have to place the screen as far away as possible from windows and any sources of light.


These are just some considerations to make when weighing the benefits of a curved monitor against the advantages of a flat monitor. For those that require multiple displays, you may want to choose an ultra-wide monitor or getting multiples and pairing them with an appropriate multi-monitor mount.


No matter what option you choose to go with, know what you’ll be using your monitor for. If it’s work, gaming, or entertainment, your decision might already be made up. Optimizing your monitor’s configuration to the room and its purpose of use, more often than not, you may find yourself wanting a mountable 1080p curved monitor. For some of the lowest prices in Canada, shop your next curved monitor purchase at PrimeCables.

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