Split the Monitor Screen in Two in Windows 7 or 8 or 10

Splitting your monitor screen into two in Windows 7 or 8 or 10 is a great way to maximize work efficiency, keep yourself focused, and make any sort of at-home work so much easier.


If you want to split your screen into two halfs, we might recommend buying dual monitors. If it’s not within your budget, no worries because splitting your screen is the next best thing. First things first, open the two windows you want to split apart into two halfs. For many people, this could be something like your email software program and a Microsoft Word Document. After you have both your windows open, take your cursor to the center of the topmost part of the open window and grab it. Keep the mouse button depressed and drag the window all the way to the right of your screen. Automatically, your computer should resize the window to possess the right half of your screen.


Now, with your other window, depress your mouse and grab that window. Keep your mouse depressed and then send it all the way to the left, in the opposite direction. Again, your computer should automatically resize the window to fit the entire left side of the window. After these two windows have been formatted into two halfs, you can maintain access to both screens, copying and pasting between the two, or switching between them as you see fit. It doesn’t require anything more than that. By doing this, you’ll keep two windows completely separate and maximize your work efficiency.


This is a great tool for graphic designers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs and business owners, students, and other people that split their screen without doing this. For those not happy with splitting the monitor screen into two may want to consider getting a dual monitor setup. Though this is expensive, this doubles the amount of screen you have. There are also plenty of monitor mounts that can be purchased to create the ultimate workstation, alongside select ergonomic accessories like height adjustable sit standing desks, ergonomic foot rests, and more. This is all to elevate the monitor screen experience, whether it’s for someone who games, someone who works from home, or a student.


No matter how you decide to divide up your screens, splitting up your work is easier today than it’s ever been. There’s no reason to struggle with a single screen. At best, divide it into two halfs and make things so much simpler for yourself.


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