How to Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect your Home

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The first step towards connecting your Ethernet cable will be to set yourself up with a great modem. Connect your modem to where is recommended and then use a router to connect to the room where you want to have Ethernet access. Test to ensure your WiFi is working fine. If Internet’s working, that’s great. Now we can move onto the next step which is installing your Ethernet cable.

network ethernet cables
network ethernet cables

Connect the Ethernet cable to from the port on the back of the router to the patch panel. In a nutshell, that’s all you really need to go to hook up your Ethernet cable. Now if your Ethernet connection is not working, you may want to check your modem’s capabilities to see if there’s a problem with what’s expected in the connection chain.


Keep in mind that unless you’ve bought your Ethernet cable from a reputable company like PrimeCables, the cable itself could be broken or there may be an issue with the connectivity there. If you’re working with a professional installer, they may be able to test the Ethernet cable.


For the average Canadian household, the hardest thing about creating an Ethernet connection will be figuring out how to get the cable from your computer or devices and to your router. Ideally, your PC will only be a metre or two away from the router. If not, you may have to drill some holes in the wall or through the floor, having to run cable along the way to get a connection. Using a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7 network cable, or more advanced Ethernet cable, you can keep the process simple and straightforward.


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