Birthday Sale Shopping Tip #1 – Get a Car Phone Mount Holder Cheaper and Better

Hands-free smartphone use now just a click away. As PrimeCables heads into its birthday sale shopping month this June, we are slashing prices! One of the hundreds of high quality products seeing a drop in price is PrimeCables’ car phone mount holder. Featuring a premium design, nowhere will you find a better price than with us on this smartphone mount.

Keep your device secure and accessible at all times. Admittedly, smartphones are very, very useful tools in navigating highways, going from home to work and vice versa, and when you’re simply out for a drive. That said, they can be a distraction when they start ringing and you know you can’t miss that call, or when you want to switch to a new podcast or song playing through your Bluetooth connection.

Instead of having to shuffle around the front seat for your smartphone, go hands-free with a magnetic car mount. With a 360-degree rotatable design, it makes your smartphone easy to access at any time. Everything’s secure at eye level and it doesn’t put you or your passengers in danger. The nature of the design also makes it stickable to almost any flat surface in the car. Choose the dashboard, window, or wherever is most convenient.

Using one of these, no longer is there a struggle to answer a phone call or skip a song on play. Simple, effective, and cheap in price, PrimeCables phone mounts are useful to any driver with regular interaction with their phones while in the car. The screen visibility alone is a big help, whether you’re on a smartphone or using a GPS. Your phone will be right there with you, in front and in full view.

Even if you don’t use your phone that often in the car, we would still recommend getting a smartphone mount primarily for safety purposes. It’s beneficial to have your phone in a location where you can be assured it’s secure. A phone mount eliminates any need to go searching for your device. When you need it, or if there’s ever an emergency where you need to pick up the phone, your smartphone is right there and ready to access. These devices of ours are expensive and carry a lot of key information to our day-to-day. Keeping them safe in the car is important. Choose a smartphone mount from PrimeCables today to maximize safety and convenience on the road.

For the best car phone mounts in Canada, browse PrimeCables’ catalog. For less than $6, you’ll have an amazing smartphone mount holder to use in your vehicle. In anticipation of our upcoming birthday sale this June, shop with us today and bookmark your favourites!

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