Do I Still Need a TV Box if I Have a Smart TV?

You may have heard about smart TVs. For those who may not know what is and isn’t a smart TV, what a smart TV is essentially is a flat-screen that connects to the Internet and allows you to stream content directly off applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and others.

What is not a smart TV is a flat-screen receiving its signal either through cable or satellite, an HDTV antenna, or alternatively, through a similar A/V source. As today’s consumers demand so much more from their flat-screens, it’s almost a necessity in this day and age to go with a smart TV.

Here’s a bit of a life hack you may be interested in knowing about – you don’t need a smart TV to have a smart TV. What we mean by this is let’s say you already have a flat-screen you’re very pleased with. Or, let’s say you want to buy a flat-screen offered at a better deal, you can. To arrive at having a smart TV, you need a smart TV box.

A smart TV box plugs into your flat-screen just like you would a cable, satellite, or HDTV antenna connection. Using a smart TV box, you have access to all the same applications you would on a smart TV. Get a smart TV without ever having to pay the premium cost for a smart TV! This is how.

So do you still need a TV box if you have a smart TV – not really. A smart TV box does the same thing a smart TV does. The only difference is the technology that you would find directly inside your flat-screen is instead in a separate external box.

Using the PrimeCables smart TV box, for example, you can tap into a range of applications in addition to beign able to stream video and music. Broadcast directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop if you want. Or, tap into subscriptions on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming channels. A smart TV box really opens up the sort of content you can consume through your TV.

Some smart TV boxes will also provide access to games, checking social media, connecting you with other gadgets such as Alexa or Google Home, and more. There are a variety of different boxes, some more advantageous than others. If all you want however is to create a smart TV without having to buy a new TV, a smart TV box will get you there.

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