How to Choose your Curved Monitor

Curved monitors have been on the market for years. In the last couple, prices have come down to such an extent that general consumers and gamers can now enjoy the value of a curved computer monitor. How to choose a curved monitor relies on what you’re looking to get from it.

Do I need a curved monitor?

Admittedly, some households may not. It’s a question worth asking. That said, curved screens provide many advantages. If you choose a flat-screen however, you may be able to present a similar experience by using a desk mount or a TV wall mount. Needless to say, there are a variety of possible ways to upgrade your home theater system.

It’s like you’re right there in the movie.

If you’re looking for a curved monitor for TV and movies, your choice can work very well. On a curved monitor, the edges bend inwards which is said to be similar to real-world vision. This wrap-effect fills your peripheral vision and helps to focus the eyes with what’s on screen. It makes watching a movie a whole new and different experience.

A wider angle to view from for gamers.

If you’re using a curved monitor for gaming, you get a peripheral immersion as well as a wider viewing angle. A regular flat-screen projects light onto the screen in a way that reduces its color and contrast. A curved monitor works a little different and so, the slight bend at the edge can provide a wider angle from which to view certain things.

Reduces glare.

A flat-screen TV can easily catch light from a window, glare from a lamp or sunshine, as well as other sources of light. If you’re in a room with an inconveniently placed window, it can be hell trying to play a game or watch a movie in the daytime. A curved monitor can minimize the distracting glare as the surface is not flat and therefore, eliminates glare in the same way a wall mount can.


A curve monitor for TV and movies ends up producing the effects of 3D – except you won’t get any headaches from watching it. The curvature of the screen enhances the perception of depth. Although subtle, this can make your viewing experience something very special. For this reason, consumers tend to prefer curved monitors compared to LCDs, LEDs, plasma screens, and other types.

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